PPVP Apex? v.1

sccflame 1

Apex: Invasive Predator is the unstoppable runner if your opening hand includes a Endless Hunger its a keeper

Prepaid VoicePAD is amazing in this deck you can use it to pay for your events and later trash towards endless hunger as long as you have used it twice it pays for itself

e3 Feedback Implants is a must for this deck as its one of the few ways to deal with multi sub ice.

Faust endless hunger doesnt break every ice so we need a backup Faust breaks most ice for 2 cards and some credits from e3 which is optimal since we will be drawing to feed endless hunger anyways

Ghost Runner need credits or a card to trash for endless hunger this is it, i experimented with cache but the MU req is a issue.

10 Aug 2015 gumonshoe

Is DejaVu really better than clone chip?

VoicePad means free retrieval, but midrun getting your hunger back seems more important.

10 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'd go down to 2x Apocalypse (really don't ever need 3 of these) and take one more Wasteland. In Apex it's basically Data Folding without the requirement and for 1 cheaper.

I agree with @gumonshoe about Déjà Vu, and don't think you need Clone Chip either. I think good old Lucky Find is gonna go better with your rig. You've got a Levy AR Lab Access so you can recur Harbingers that way.

3x e3 Feedback Implants hurts but god that card is so good here, and you want it right away.

Something hilarious that just occurred to me: you totally want Sensei to trigger. Every time.

11 Aug 2015 sccflame

the problem i had with clone chip was if hunting grounds installed levy is there another way to protect the levy without deja vu?