Net-Ready Knives II

TonyStellato 783

I hope the "derived from" section gives credit to the OG version of this deck.

This is my current Andy, and I am enjoying it quite a bit. The idea is that I barely spend money on runs. Security Testing is amazing economy in the early game, and when you are getting in for free, it can stay that way. Switchbalde and Yog are both 0 of your actual credits to break. I included Jak Sinclair since that card is ridiculous in Criminal. It literally gives a clickless 3 credits against some decks (like NEH), and if RP has an etr as the outermost, it shuts down their ability. He's an MVP for sure.

The draw is 3 Fisk Investment Seminar and 2 Symmetrical Visage. I don't know if its enough, but Fisk is an absolute power card worth including. I can always take out the babyface for Earthrise, but I think I'm happy with this right now. So, how do you properly Fisk someone?

1) Fisk them when you need cards. Turn 1 or 2 might not be the best use if you are playing Andy.

2) Respect the fact that they WILL have agendas in HQ after you Fisk them. If you Fisk them twice in a row, the third turn should DEFINITELY be a Legwork.

3) You can't Fisk people if Jackson Howard is watching. You just can't. Be patient, as Jacko to leave, and then go to town with your Fisking.

The deck runs a hostage for Jak Sinclair (or Kati) and 2 Inside Jobs to prevent early scoring (because your rig is a little combo-y). The last notable include is GS Sherman. This is a good breaker, and because you obviously run Special Order, this is worth replacing a Corroder. Corroder will be your go-to breaker, but against NEXT Ice or Blue Son, I promise you'll be glad you packed this guy.

Looking for a new Crim build? I think this one is pretty strong. I've been playing a LOT of Andy recently (and always), and this is one of the better ones that I've tested.

10 Aug 2015 chill84

You took a good deck, but then you made it terrible.

10 Aug 2015 TonyStellato

@chill84 how do you figure? Because I took out Street Peddler? The deck runs 19 Events, I don't want Street Peddler. Or is it because I don't want singleton breakers?

I have to assume you are trolling or don't play criminal if you don't justify a statement like that.