Apocalypse Now!

Happyam 13

This is my attempt of the Apex deck.

I took a different approach to this desk. that what I saw the others posted.

First, I want to go over what I see as the strength and weakness of Apex.

Strength: - Super powerful Ice Breaker - Require very little resource to run (cheap console, program and resource to install) - Supper powerful event - Apocalypse!


  • Cannot play Non-Virtual resources

  • Limited econ option due to not able to install Non-Virtual resources

  • Low card draw power due to not able to install Non-Virtual resources

Next, I am going to explain the theory of this desk.

1) Endless Hunger is very Memory Hungry, so I am only going to use it as my main breaker.

2) I do not need Plascrete, because Heartbeat is better, cheaper and provide memory.

3) Apex is a Predator, so what does Predator do? It wait, wait, and wait, then Strike! So, my goal is to setup, build up econ, let the Corp build up their servers, then use Apocalypse.

4) Instead of trying to put in different kind of breakers, I focus on creative way to handle ICEs that Endless Hunger cannot deal with. And that is why you see some "creative" cards that nobody uses (aka Dorm Computer).

5) After some analysis, the following are the ICE subroutines that Endless Hunger cannot handle

  • Gain Money (don‘t care, you can gain as much money as you want, but I will destroy all your cards with my Apocalypse)

  • Trash Program (Ok ... I only have Endless Hunger, feel free to trash it, i can bring it back with Clone Chip)

  • Trash Hardware (rare, but I can live with as long I trash all your cards with Apocalypse)

  • Tag (Yes, that is annoying, and that is why I put in Dorm Computer)

  • Return Install card back to Hand (Ok, i will spend a click to install it later, since all the install cost are fairly low)

  • Net / Brain Damage (can be prevented by Hearbeat)

  • Move you around (yes, that would be annoying and ruin my plan, but current meta does not have much ICE like this)

  • Architect (that is the most annoy card that I need to deal with, not because of the installation, but the fact that it cannot be Trashed...)

Here is some thought behinds some cards I use:

  • Dorm Computer - Cheap, and allow you to prevent tag.
  • DDoS- I see it as Black mail for Apex. If the corp over commit on setting up ICEs, its fine, I believe there is nothing Endless Hunger cannot break or the rig cannot handle. If the Corp is not setting up Glacier, then DDoS is going to be very efficient to trigger Apocalypse.
  • e3 Feedback - Great card and make Endless Hunger that much better. For example, Archer have 4 subroutines, and I can use Endless Hunger to create the last end the run, then use e3 to break the rest for 3 credit! Rotourrent? Sure, I will again use Endless Hunger to break the End the Run and tigger e3 to break the trash 1 program subroutine!
  • The deck need card draw, so Quality Time is needed.
  • Like I mentioned before, the biggest problem for this desk is Architect (since it cannot be trashed), so I included 2 Mimic to handle it.
  • Day Job is a low influence, high return econ card, I wish I have more influence to include more.
10 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

You know triggering Architect's subs is actually useful if you are setting up for Apocalypse; you get to trash an additional card from R&D for free. There are times this could screw you (install Caprice Nisei on the server you are running to ETR, etc) but it's not all bad and I don't think you have the for it. You can't even use Cache until you get Heartbeat out if you want have Endless Hunger installed. Relying on anything but Harbinger doesn't really work in Apex without some additional , I feel.

Something else to keep in mind is the Apocalypse voids your entire rig as well. There's nothing that can turn a card face-up, so I doubt you'd want to trigger Apoc more than once, maybe twice. IMO the way it works best is but running Medium/Nerve Agent or The Maker's Eye/Legwork. You Apocalypse, and then next turn install/play your multi-access and then try to get some good hits.

I think Apocalypse decks can work, but you want to run a really light rig. Like, Endless Hunger + e3 Feedback Implants light. Then just pile on events. There are other cards that slot in here but too many resources and hardware is just a waste.

I'd think Notoriety would be awesome after an Apocalypse as well; it would be extremely easy to hit all three servers.

10 Aug 2015 Happyam

@FarCryFromHuman You are absolutely correct. That is why the rig is pretty light in my opinion.

I do plan to run Endless Hunger + e3 Feedback Implants only. Dorm Computer is there cause it is free, and I can use 3 power counter on the turn I try to Apocalypse, and help prevent tag in case something bad happened to me. So, even if get flip facedown after Apocalypse, I am tag free. I can use Hunting Grounds's trash ability before I play Apocalypse. During test draw, I would put Wasteland face down 90% of the time using Apex: Invasive Predator's ability, instead of playing it.

I could switch 1 Cache for 1 Day Job.

I will not play Mimic until I see Architect and after I play Apocalypse. Cause I do not want my opponent to use Architect to build bring stuff back.

Cache is just a low influence econ card. If I don't have Endless Hunger nor Heartbeat installed, I can still net 2 . And if I have Wasteland installed, and then try to install Endless Hunger without Heartbeat, I gain that 1 for trashing Cache, right?

10 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Yeah the Wasteland + Cache combo totally works; it even stacks! I suppose you are right about the rig. It's pretty impossible to wrap my head around how to play Apex right without seeing him in action. A bit like Nasir but even more difficult.

And hell, any deck that can find a legitimate reason to run Dorm Computer scores points in my book.