Project 2501 2.1

asteriskreaper 20

Newest revision to Apex, the #Employee Strike is to combo with #Hades s Shard after I #Apocalypse against black tree and haarpsicord among others.

Ideas and advise welcome!

11 Aug 2015 scd

Note that you'd have to pay for/install Hades Shard on the turn after you've Apocalypsed. If it's installed when you Apocalypse it will get turned facedown, along with the rest of your installed cards, giving the Corp a chance to ice up Archives. Assuming you're not playing something (like Doppelgänger or Hyperdriver) that will give you extra runs/clicks.

11 Aug 2015 asteriskreaper

yeah i know, still its really good. you have to have eater out too to make sure you can get through everything.