Prepaid Apex?

ggDropbear 211

This looks like a stupid deck, and it hasn't been tested. As such, this is just a brainstorm and "what should we actually do with Apex?".

Let's get the obvious out of the way: when you Endless Hunger an End The Run subroutine, you can then e3 Feedback Implants any other subroutine, even if it comes before the End The Run. That gets rid of most X into End The Run ICE we have to worry about. Sharpshooter is there so Endless Hunger isn't trashed: use it in conjunction with Prey to remove the issue ICE at hand. That's it. If it does damage to you, you can take the damage or use Heartbeat if you got stuff in hand you want to keep (you should probably Heartbeat any brain damage though). We don't even care about 99% of Barriers. The only thing that screws us up is Architect and other such stuff, and we're happy to just walk right through that and then LOL APOCALYPSE.

The idea behind Prepaid VoicePAD in Kate is to get burst economy on one turn to run with cheap ICEbreakers. The idea behind Prepaid VoicePAD in Apex is to get burst economy on one turn to be an asshole and have no need for money for the rest of the game, letting us use money cards as facedown installed cards. We only need money to set up the rest of our Events which destroy our opponent. which PPVP already does, letting us play most of the Events for free or on the cheap. You can pay for your Levy AR Lab Access when you get your good cards facedown after a bad Hunting Grounds. Quality Time, which has less influence than Diesel and draws you more cards, is free with your PPVP's out. You can use PPVP to pay for your Apocalypse, putting them facedown and then winning the game because you just gave them three clicks to draw and put down three pieces of ICE defending Archives, HQ and R&D while you walk through dodging all damage with a Heartbeat from your hand and bypassing stuff with the Endless Hunger from your hand.

So, what screws with us? Not a lot. Traces are the big one, which is why this deck focuses on a PPVP moneymaker in order to buy our way through them. Tag decks not focused on killing us instantly but instead slowing us over time can be annoying. We also have no way to handle Caprice or Psi games, and we can't import Film Critic to help with that. The best way to deal with those sorts of servers is just to nuke it with Apocalypse, but if it's on HQ or R&D there will be pain to deal with it. Fast Advance is again an issue, which is why Traffic Jam is included to remove Login Protocol and slow Fast Advance. Also, Crisium Grid needs to be trashed immediately.

Hm. That's actually a lot.

But you do get to make Glacier decks cry like a little girl.

11 Aug 2015 Isvan

Have you considered making use of DDoS to enable Apocalypse and other similar cards?

12 Aug 2015 ggDropbear

@Isvan It's a trap: it looks very good as a Inside Job for the turn, but the biggest issue is it's Influence cost: 3 pips is just too many. We can't fit 6 points in unless we remove some cards (Maker's Eye, a Levy, etc). The thing is that I'd rather have two Levy's since we're going to be going through this deck very fast and one Levy can be accidentally trashed with Hunting Ground if we use it for some fast installed cards. Maker's Eye could be removed, but then we have the issue that we have zero dig during a stalemate. And we need Lucky Find if you want to play PPVP, it's too good.

It's just too much influence.