The Ellimist Chronicles (PPVP Apex)

slobad31 536

Just taking a shot at throwing Apex together. This is untested, but I really like Apex's flavor, an amalgamation of semi-sentient data, constantly consuming more. It reminded me of a character from "The Ellimist Chronicles," a book I read years ago. Called Father, this being absorbed any living thing that it came into contact with, acquiring the memories and abilities of its victims.

As for gameplay, the thought process was to build toward an Apocalypse, then hammer centrals with multi-access and Notoriety in the aftermath. I'm not sure how sustainable the trashing cards to trigger effects thing is, but some testing will (hopefully) solve that.

PPVP was added, simply because I realized there were a ton of events, as I was building. Employee Strike is just so good against so many IDs, particularly the big players in the meta (I'm looking at you, Blue Sun and RP), so I had to include it. Being restricted to virtual resources was...interesting...but I'm thinking event-heavy builds may be the way to go.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!