Breaking The Meta (BTM) Ep.8: Yum Yum Eat'm Up

Sidkah 277

This deck is very aggressive. Apex's breaker allows you to get through some nice early ETR Ice, making The Maker's Eye, Account Siphon, and Apocalypse easy. Plascrete Carapace is nice since you can use it for a deck you know has Scorches, or just put it right on down with Apex's ability.

Hunting Grounds is awesome because it says Komainu gets 0 subroutines, no tollbooth tax, no corp gain with pop-up, and Data raven gets shut down.

I really love this deck and I hope you will too! Happy Brewing!

Kenneth "Sidkah" Wontroba

11 Aug 2015 Happyam

I have a similar deck, but some differences.


1) Do you think the card draw is lacking in this deck? Apex is a very "hungry" ID. In order to make the most of its ability, you want to put 1 card face down each turn. That means you need to draw at least once per turn to make sure you can "feed" it. Is only 1 Quality Time enough?

2) Do you think the deck really needs 3 Plascrete Carapace? Heartbeat already has the capability to prevent damages. And if you use Apocalypse, both will be turned face down, and you will not be able to use its ability.

3) Are you planning to play TAG ME? In other words, not removing any tags? Again, I think Apex is very click hungry, because you need to use them to keep your hand full. With Day Job, you spend 4 to net 8. While Account Siphon I guess you can spend 3 to net 11, but it cost you 3 extra influences.