Assimilated Bioroid

Diegofsv 1368

Regarding the completely shutdown of all our bioroids, also known as the Apocalypse Event, something very strange happened.

We indentified the intrusion but its source location was all over the net. Now, we can only suppose that this is a new security measure that we never heard of because none of our programs could locate it.

Another strange fact was the program used for invasion. It was a completly new virus that was assimilating all our programs like if it was food.

Analysing one of our wasted Ash 2X3ZB9CY brains, we could see that this program was not only self-aware of its existance, something we deem impossible, it was assimilating and learning.

Worse, it appears to have assimilated the first directive of our bioroids and it have a very peculiar interpretation of it. Here is the only line we could recover from its interaction with the wasted Ash:


We can only assume, regarding what happened in our servers, that its interpretation is not something good for us.

- Transcript of an IT department report regarding the Apocalypse Event that hit HB servers

Got some ideas from Teacup deck ( and add something I was already planning. Safety First is a gread draw engine, something that Apex REALLY need it.

Pawn and Scheherazade are mostly food. The first Scheherazade is to be installed faceup so you can always add Pawn, Harbinger there for 1c. The rest goes facedown. Always install something and run all the time. After the corp already got some defenses, Apocalypse it and start all over again.