You're Too Kind v1.1

Feisty 2254

Decent Success with this Id so far.

3 Credits to shake a tag is super strong, usually leaving the runner broke or stuck with a tag or two. Combine that with free Resource trash and it's really hard for the runner to get moving.

Instead of relying on a kill with sticky tags, I felt a fast advance would capitalize most with the runners situation.

No big combo, just solid efficiency. Gutenberg , Data Raven, or Turnpike to ensure a tag during a run.

Let the runner score Quantum Predictive Model for you while Keegan Lane Snipes necessary breakers.

Fast advance with some sneaky fun.

12 Aug 2015 CodeMarvelous

seems really efficient. I might be concerned about the bad publicity with so much trace ice

12 Aug 2015 ScaryFencer

Played this a few games and went 4-1. The runner consistently scores Quantum and has very little money with the ID ability. Keegan Lane feels so good to pop. Thanks for the deck!

12 Aug 2015 Feisty

@CodeMarvelous Thanks for the advice. Early game it doesn't seam to matter too much but it has been an issue late game if I've rezzed more than one Threedee .

12 Aug 2015 SlayerCNV

and the crucial moment while the runner starts to keep his tags and dooms r&d? Just keegan?

12 Aug 2015 Feisty

@SlayerCNV A week point for sure. So far I've found that Keegan is enough to slow down the game until the Biotic win.

21 Aug 2015 tilindir

Surely Psychographics is a must for efficient Project Beale scoring mid or lategame with all these tags.