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locusshifter 1630

So far, so amazing. Honestly, this is built and generally should be played as a FA deck. However, this deck can kill, make no mistake; well unless they did make one, then they die. ;)

One of the centerpieces, Offer, gives you a few more possible points; which while it's expensive is a real threat, especially if they have played the deck before. They're going to try and deny you the point at first, which will always be a bad idea for them. Later they will likely not want to run, and just give you the point instead, which is exactly what you want.

So really what you would like is to set up a server of ice, many times Archives, that the runner really doesn't want to run on. If they do, the first time they might die or hand you advancements, then they'll refuse the Offer and you score instead. I'm really liking the idea of "poisoning" R&D as well. It really all depends on the runner you're up against though.

Snare is Snare, and Junebug is the wonderful, if even occasionally fragile, threat. The Bug is simply there for tokens they don't want to touch. :)

The big star here is Allele. It's the in faction recursion you're looking for. You can use it the same turn you install it (now that Drive By is around you might do that), or use it as bait. It's not there for advancing with Trick unless it is convenient, and then it's a nice tertiary source that I think this archetype really needed.

I'm not sure there's much more to say. This deck is fast, and evil. I'm an old head when it comes to FA, and this seems to be a great modern iteration of that idea.

My inspiration for all things Jinteki:


And more specifically the inspiration for this deck, when using Offer:


12 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Back Channels seems like it would be great here.

12 Aug 2015 locusshifter

Yep, that or Commercialization both seem like great ideas. Certainly things to test going forward.

Thanks for the input.

19 Aug 2015 Zail

In general I would not use Matrix Analyzer unless I was working off both abilities. Not sure why 3x An Offer You Cannot Refuse in here with Komainu on it's own. Remember you cannot select your Junebug remote with it.

I do like the idea of a Tennin deck with teeth. One view of mine is to force early runs to hit the ice with teeth and worry less about stopping the run.

20 Aug 2015 locusshifter

@Zail I know you cannot Offer remotes. I could only wish. I'm not sure what you mean by "Komainu on its own". Besides, the Junebugs are just to keep my advancement tokens safe, and bluff. Old school, and it works.

So far Matrix is pretty amazing with Offer. Unless they Femme it, it does the job perfectly. They don't run to give me advancements, I score. Tagging them is icing on the cake, but not the goal. Allele is such an amazing recursion tool, and you need those advancements every way you can.

The goal is to build a series of ice they don't want to run on then Offer against it. This will primarily be Archives, with some combination of Komainu, Matrix, Cortex, and Crick. You can certainly build toward making R&D something they'd rather not run on during the corp turn.

I'm also not really trying to stop many runs other than early rush. The goal is to outpace, not necessarily stop, and Offer gives 3 more scoring opportunities which might not be able to go unanswered. In a recent game my opponent could run, and did, soaked too much Net damage from R&D, then died to a Philotic.

It's a tricky deck to pilot (no pun intended), but it's really fun and tough to run against.