Hayley 2 Mills - Undefeated 2nd @ Aug GNK, DLair, Austin TX

WildM 287

NOTE: Access to Globalsec is really Paparazzi, but that card appears to be broken on the site.

Okay, bear with me here. This is a breakerless, mostly solitaire mill deck with a twist: instead of having exactly one extremely fragile win condition, we have two extremely fragile win conditions!

The ideal way to win is this:

  1. Early game, run Archives and install Hades/Data Leak Reversal at the same time.
  2. Install 3 Hyperdrivers, 3 False Echoes, 3 Leprehauns, 3 All-Nighters.
  3. The corp is now confused. What the hell are those False Echoes for? Isn't the runner just going to do a bunch of Data Leak Reversal milling?
  4. Install Qianju PT.
  5. The corp is now really confused. Should they fast advance? Does the runner have a breaker handy for any single-layer ice? Oh great, they have a Film Critic now, how the hell can the corp bait a 3-pointer?
  6. Next turn, lose your click, install Activist Support. Uh, do whatever else you need to set up? You didn't trash your Blackmails or Amped Ups, right? You installed Film Critic if you thought you'd need it?
  7. Avoid the tag, give the corp a bad pub. Then take your 16 clicks, pop Utopia Shard, and let's get started!
  8. Blackmail R&D. Melt all of their ice with the False Echoes. Jack out at the end if you're scared of anything. Play your Amped Ups now that you don't care about your cards in hand for 4 more clicks.
  9. Install Keyhole
  10. Keyhole
  11. Keyhole
  12. Keyhole
  13. Keyhole
  14. Keyhole
  15. Keyhole
  16. Keyhole
  17. Keyhole
  18. Keyhole
  19. Keyhole
  20. Keyhole
  21. Keyhole
  22. Keyhole
  23. Keyhole
  24. Keyhole
  25. Keyhole
  26. Keyhole
  27. Keyhole
  28. Pop Hades Shard.


Of course, if you ever reach a point where you can no longer complete your Keyhole strategy (Nisei tokens, corp is about to fast advance their way to victory), you can always fall back on the tried-and-true "get tagged, Data Leak Reversal" strategy like your fathers did before you. Paparazzi is great for that.

I'm not ashamed to admit that this is 100% jank. This isn't going to win you games against certain corps, and I am told that icebreakers are usually really important. However, if your meta isn't prepared for it, it's surprisingly effective!


  • Corps that kill you after you run
  • Corps that prevent you from doing what you're about to do (hi, Haarpsichord!)
  • Glacier corps
  • Future Perfect


  • Rezzing any ice at all
  • Putting Jackson Howard behind any ice (though you can Blackmail your way to him)
  • Breaking News + Scorched
  • Any runner milling whatsoever.
  • Net damage
  • Elizabeth Mills (the bad kind of mills)

Random notes:

Magnum Opus is mainly there to help you with any economy issues while you build your board. You can keep it on a Leprechaun until the Keyhole is needed (if ever). I tried Professional Contacts at one point, but it's heartbreaking to get that without Sure Gambles on your opening hand.

The 1-of Clone Chip is partially for Qianju PT synergy and partially for False Echo recursion w/four-deep R&DS. I guess you can use it to recur a Self-Modifying Code as well.

If you use a Self-Modifying Code, try and pop it on the Corp's turn! Lets you install from hand!

Don't forget to save clicks for Film Critic if needed. Skip milling those 4 cards if you think you might get any Future Perfects or Fetal AIs.

You can use the Keyhole early I guess, but be careful, man. If the ice gets too deep, you're going to have to fall back on Data Leak Reversal.

Levy wasn't used, but it's kind of useful against certain matchups. It's your literal last chance to recover if you get a vital card trashed. Plus, you'll recur all your card draw/economy, and who doesn't like that?

13 Aug 2015 Dydra

How many turns do you take to setup that? Since I also have Hayley Mega-turn deck, looking at yours, you have way more "must be installed" pieces before you trigger your "win condition".

13 Aug 2015 WildM

It varies depending on the corp. I scraped by a Titan Transnational victory after they gave themselves a bad pub and I triggered only 10 or so Keyhole runs. That was around turn 8-10? I really should have counted better.

As far as having more "must be installed" pieces, I agree that's the case for Keyhole runs (sans Hostile Takeover), but it's still pretty easy to fall back on Data Leak Reversal for last chance glory runs. You want to install Hades Shard in either case, so why not install DLR for a free click anyway?

18 Sep 2015 Jorge Corigliano

I really love this kind of decks, but, as corp, the fourth time you make me shuffle my deck after Keyhole I don't touch my deck anymor and make you shuffle it =)