Eat my Link monkeyboy

PsymonTheWizard 268

Rather straight forward deck with a lot of drip economy. Mid game you will be hitting the corp pretty hard, probably with a couple of runs each turn, Jak Sinclair and Security Nexus are there exactly for that purpose.

I want to get more card drawing into the deck but I'm not sure what would be the best way to do that. One choice would be to remove 2 HQ Interface and 2 Globalsec Security Clearance to add 3 Quality Time and a 3rd Employee Strike. Another idea would be to remove 2 Globalsec Security Clearance and 1 Security Nexus to add 3 Earthrise Hotel.

Another idea that I've been toying with is to remove Globalsec Security Clearance, HQ Interface and R&D Interface in order to add 2 Same Old Thing, 1 The Maker's Eye, 1 Legwork and 2 Crescentus. Combining 2 Crescentus and Self-modifying Code to fetch them with the Security Nexus I will be able to pressure the corporation more.


13 Aug 2015 JonasAlbrecht

I'd get rid of HQ interface and use the freed up influence to replace Striker with Zool.

13 Aug 2015 PsymonTheWizard

I thought very hard about replacing Striker with ZU.13 Key Master but in the end I decided not to. I can pay a more every now and then in order to be able to apply more pressure at HQ. ZU.13 Key Master is only better against Quandary and Enigma, not that they are uncommon pieces of ice mind you. Of course ZU.13 Key Master consts 3 less than GS Striker M1.

13 Aug 2015 Jashay

I would go the Earthrise Hotel route. I would also drop a Self-modifying Code and both Employee Strike for 3x Career Fair. Gives you 2 influence to play with, so you could drop a Security Chip and one of the Symmetrical Visage to put in 2x Quality Time, if you felt the need for more draw. Looks like a solid deck. though!

13 Aug 2015 Greek Geek

Career fair is only one influence, so you could just drop an SMC. It does look solid in this deck full of resources (8 being 3 cost, the rest 2). It would speed the set up considerably methinks. Personally I never liked Zu. I am looking forward to play against this!

13 Aug 2015 gumonshoe

Maybe -1 R&D, -1 nexus; +2 film critic; just to give you a better edge against RP, though blanking their ID, is pretty good too.