MYDoom v1.0

Feisty 2254

Updated Version 2.0 posted

The power in Apex comes from the install before turn ability, getting your tools out (hidden) and benefiting from trashing them later. Harbinger and e3's are clear MVP's with this ability. I see this played as a semi mid ranged deck with some explosive end game.

Economy with Chopping a Peasant in the Wasteland to gain a few credits and draw each turn.

Most Ice doesn't matter to this build. Disrupter for obvious synergy and to help the inevitable heavy trace that will come in the new meta.

DDoS to flip the bird to corp as you hump his centrals and Kill all the things!

I opted for Forger instead of Heartbeat. We'll see in play testing but I would rather armor up and have some extra utility.

13 Aug 2015 Thaddux

Hunger uses 4 MU. How are you installing the other programs?

13 Aug 2015 Feisty

@Thaddux Dyson Mem Chip If play testing show a lack of MU then I may switch over to Heartbeat or Box-E .

14 Aug 2015 Myriad

Forger seems a waster of 3 Influence. Not sure what I would put in instead.

Also why disrupter? You are basically immune to meat damage if you run heartbeat and have 5/6 cards installed.

Could run paper tripping if you are scared of the tag storm.

14 Aug 2015 Salindurthas

"Harbinger [is a] clear MVP's with this ability."
What ability? APEX's ID ability doesn't combo with Harbinger, as it installs it face-down so Harbinger can't trigger.

The ID ability doesn't get your tools out, it blanks them.

14 Aug 2015 Myriad

I think he means as chopbot food? One clicked install gets you two draws and a bunch of creds.

14 Aug 2015 Feisty

Thanks for your feedback, Updated version is up. Let me know what you think.

Thanks again!