Atlas Shrugged

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This is the corp deck I'm bringing to the ANRPC this weekend along with my standard Noise mill deck. I have been playing Weyland almost exclusively since I've been playing Netrunner and I think this deck represents everything that Weyland is about: making money, banging out agendas and threatening to blow your house down the entire way.

One of the keys to this deck is getting an early agenda scored, and thats because it does two things: put pressure on the runner and either make money (Hostile Takeover, Oaktown Renovation, High-Risk Investment) or have access to any card in your deck (Project Atlas). I personally prefer scoring out a HT or a PA, though any will do and I would give higher priority to HRI against really rich runners.


Snare! - This card has won me so many games, whether it be in R&D or baited out on a remote. The previous version had 2 Snare! and 2 SEA Source but I've gone up to 3 snare and haven't looked back. I've given some thought to Casting Call, but I would probably replace SanSan with that before I would replace Snare!

SanSan City Grid - This card is so good in Titan it's ridiculous. It presents two options to the runner, either you trash it on your next turn or I'm going to use my Atlas token to score another one. I really don't mind it being trashed either though as it puts them down on money for SEA Source.

Quandary/Ice Wall - My favorite pieces of ICE in the game.


Caduceus - I know I'm supposed to like this ICE - It's a cheap ETR Sentry - but the truth is I hate it. I find myself throwing it away more times than not, might replace with shadow or some other ugly ICE.

13 Aug 2015 Chuftbot

SanSan in Titan is soooooo strong. Deck looks fantastic, totally going to steal this and sub the Caduceus-es for something I like more. Traces just feel clumsy outside of Making News, you know?

13 Aug 2015 Ehill

Interesting so are you fine just scoring the atlas off sansan without getting the token?

13 Aug 2015 Chuftbot

@Edje That's what makes Titan so good. Free tokens!

13 Aug 2015 Ehill

DERP, oh wow, yeah that is better. going to try this list now, it looks like it will be viable now that midseasons is alot harder to land.

13 Aug 2015 omgitsblake


Can't agree with you enough about most traces. The replacements I've thought of so far are Shadow because the trace becomes 5 with the first sub and I'm okay with that, Guard only really because it's a hard ETR sentry and it has a little extra strength in criminal matchups, Errand Boy because drawing cards or gaing credits speeds my deck up, or Searchlight just because of it's one cost to rez.

SanSan City Grid is great, sometimes I'll install it just to have them trash it and put them in SEA-Scorch range.

13 Aug 2015 Chuftbot

@omgitsblake I was actually looking at Hunter over Shadow. Still a trace, but a 4 strength sentry for 1 that can tag is pretty neat.

It's weird. The math is great on Caduceus but it just never feels effective.

13 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

@Chuftbot That is actually nice, 1 credit gear check. I think that's what my problem with Caduceus is: I'm fine paying 1 for Ice Wall and Quandary as gear checks, but paying 3 for a gear check that they don't even need their gear for kinda bums me out.

13 Aug 2015 Ehill

How do you feel about Oaktown over Geothermal?

13 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

@Edje The reason I prefer Oaktown Renovation over Geothermal Fracking is because it's easier to rush out the former. It lets you gain the credits to rez the ICE defending it. That being said a Scored Geothermal would be powerful, but if I was Installing and Advancing I'd rather IAA and score a High-Risk Investment to guarantee a SEA Source in a single click. I would have to test it out to see how i feel though.

14 Aug 2015 Chuftbot

@omgitsblake``@Edje Oaktown is crazy strong just because it negates tempo loss. Granted all the ICE is cheap and Geothermal earns you more money in the long run, but it's still helpful to not have to take an econ break and just jump into the next agenda.

Also, I guess Caduceus is 3 cost just because it actually ends the run? Taking a tag against Weyland is basically a soft ETR anyway.

14 Aug 2015 Danny

How do you feel playing with an extra agenda? You could easily drop one hostile. Thoughts?

14 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

@Danny Theres a few reasons for that really. For one, you usually want one to show up as fast as possible, opening hand is ideal. Secondly, I think because this can operate as a fast advance deck it's important to have as many FA agendas as possible. They also provide you with an insane amount of money with Mark Yale, 8 net to be exact, and become food for archers, if all the hostiles get stolen you've lost your lategame ice. Lastly it's just my favorite agenda in the whole game flavorwise, artwork wise and effect wise.

14 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

@Danny If I had to replace it, I would probably slot another Power Shutdown in it's place, but for me I don't see that happening.

14 Aug 2015 moistloaf

yo did you make that alt art yourself? officially uploading that into OCTGN. got any more?

14 Aug 2015 hi_impact

For the sake of testing you should seriously try Casting Call over Snare!. I know Snare! is great for protecting SanSan but for the sake of consistency keep it in and just swap out the Snares.

It's hilariously strong in this kind of rushy Weyland. Much better than Snare! from all the IDs I've tried it in, from Titan to Argus to GRNDL to Blue Sun over the past two weeks. You save money, they spend more clicks and more money, or you force an Atlas on the table behind one piece of ICE where it was no longer possible in the past against Self-modifying Code.

The ability to bluff Atlas with Snare is great in Titan, don't get me wrong, but why not take out the bluff entirely with something that just stops them dead. It's like the Ash 2X3ZB9CY vs. Caprice Nisei argument - why not. Plus it's an operation that defends R&D pretty well when you are on the losing side of things.

14 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

@Danny No I found that online. This is my favorite alt art ever though: alt text

14 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

@moistloaf No I found that online. This is my favorite alt art ever though: alt text

14 Aug 2015 sdwood

I have a very similar deck I have been playing lately. I swapped out an Oaktown Renovation for a Posted Bounty. It's another tag source or Archer sacrifice. IAA and the runner either runs through Archer to get a single point or you score and double scorch.

I didn't like Caduceus either. I replaced mine with 2 Chimera and a single Enforcer 1.0. The Enforcer 1.0 surprises everyone and at 1 and a forfeit is cheap.

I am gonna have to try to find the influence for a couple of Snare! as I love the idea of using them to protect SanSan City Grid. Dig the deck name as well.

14 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

@sdwood I think chimera is a great suggestiom, I'll have to try it out. How has Enforcer 1.0 been workong out for you? And glad you like the deckname, satifies my love for literature and greek mythology at the same time lol.

14 Aug 2015 sdwood

@omgitsblake I have been happy with the singleton Enforcer 1.0. Doesn't matter what click the runner runs on, without a killer (or D4v1d) at least one of his subroutines is firing and in my experience it averages more like two. It's probably a meta call but I face lots of Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist with Gang Sign and Logos and Enforcer 1.0 always does work during those match ups.

14 Aug 2015 konradh

It looks very similiar to what Im playing currently, but Im to scared to go outside without two copies of Crisium Grid.

14 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

@konradh I guess you could take out 1 Cyberdex Virus Suite and 1 Fast Track for 2 Crisium Grid's but I don't see myself doing that. The amount of cheap ICE along with how easy it is for me to make money mean I'm never worried too much about account siphon. If i was worried about it or suspected it I would either ICE up HQ or bluff a CVS as a Crisium Grid.

15 Aug 2015 Perkin Warbeck

@omgitsblake firstly, thank you for sharing this great deck- my build was slower and I couldn't get it working, I changed to a cheaper ICE set up and followed this one and I couldn't be happier! Small change I made was to replace Caduceus with Changeling as the sentry, yes they are expensive but it's great to have a sentry etr. Took out the fast track and one subliminal for Housekeeping which annoys the runner, makes them even more cautious and helps with the kill. Cyberdex Virus Suite is such a love/hate card- when you need it, it's invaluable but it ends up being one of the few dead draws in this otherwise speedy deck when not. Useful as you said above for faking a crisium or drawing out runs in naked remotes or the scoring server.

20 Aug 2015 Wookieeofdoom

So how did the deck perform?

20 Aug 2015 omgitsblake

4-1 vs Au Revoir CT (w) vs Tag Me Quetzal (w) vs Switchblade Andy (w) vs Good Stuff Gabe (l) vs Prepaid Kate (w)

Changes made included repacing a single Caduceus with a Grim and subbing one Oaktown Renovation with a Posted Bounty which let me scorch win against prepaid kate in a window where she blew her lady counters.

20 Aug 2015 omgitsblake