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Shub 46

I guess it will harm enemies like shit. Reasons: I can give away up to 12 agenda points (best case) without loosing the game -- Three GFI worth 6 points and 3x Shi.Kyus succesfully delivered)

Main Aim is of course to score a philotic entanglement from HQ with a trick of light in the right moment. It can even be scored from FE with Fast Track and the Haas Arcology AI installed and if he made no successfull run during his last turn.. Also the Haas Arcology can be even advanced if i already rezzed it. Similar, the 2nd breakthrough can be advanced from my hand, the third even from FE, fast tracked of course.

The ICE is taxing if he keeps running due to quicksand and nasty things like wormhole, nebula etc. -- and if he doesnt run i can advance my Ice-walls or even something else -- the advancement tokens can be turned into creds with the back channels if i need the money to challenge the runner with "An offer he cannot refuse". If he is quite low on credits there will be a nice server for him to run, which should lead to his death. Due to Cortex Lock the runner might be challenged in a quite early round...

A Ronin might lead to a surprising kill too if he is low on cards. Ronin, Haas Arcology and Tenma Line would be happy to return through the crick or in some weird cases through the wormhole.

Any suggestions?

14 Aug 2015 tiedyedvortex

Sweet Jesus that is a lot of ICE, and I really don't think you have the economy to support it. The only ways this deck makes money is Gila Hands and Subliminal Messaging; you don't even have Hedge Funds! Theoretically, Back Channels can be econ, but the only advanceable asset you have is a single copy of Haas Arcology AI.