A Universe of Guns 0.1

LeonardQuirm 968

"OK team, we've got a stand at the Worlds Plaza. We need to fill it the very best of the company. What do people know Weyland Corp for?"

"Making lots of money?"

"Something more striking than that".

"Building stuff?"

"Too last decade."

"Oh, I know! Shooting people in the face!"


Obviously the entire aim of this deck is to set up the following:

  • Worlds Plaza hosting 3*Dedicated Response Team, hidden with an Off The Grid.

  • Data Raven on HQ.

  • Agendas pushed out and scored via Casting Call.

Failing that precise set-up, Worlds Plaza also works nicely with The Board and Capital Investors.

Obviously this won't actually work - not enough ICE, no way of sticking tags well beyond Data Raven power counters, only 2 Casting Calls, and don't ask where the Agenda are supposed to go when not protected with the threat of insta-tags and death. Oh, not to mention the key combo set-up being a nightmare to actually achieve. But the concept may be fun, and with some refinement it might be possible to push towards competence?

14 Aug 2015 Abstract

Thematically, I'm amused by the thought of the Worlds Plaza hiding off the grid with the board. WE'LL JUST HAVE OUR OWN SECRET FAIR.

14 Aug 2015 tiedyedvortex

The combo is janky as hell, but it's hilarious and I want to see it work.

Why Titan, exactly? Just for the free Atlas counter and two influence? I might be tempted to put this into Building a Better World, with these adjustments:

-2 Virgo -2 Capital Investors +3 Beanstalk Royalties +1 Casting Call

The Casting Call is an important part of your game plan, so I think it make sense to use three of them. Virgo is irritating, but will typically cost you 8 credits to stick them with a tag, assuming they can't break a 5-strength sentry.

I might also trade some Bastions and Ice Walls for Meru Mati. You'll need to protect HQ heavily for Off the Grid anyway, and Meru Mati will be a cheaper Bastion, or a slightly more expensive, unadvanceable Ice Wall on R&D or a remote.

14 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

As part of your plaza server, a Breaker Bay Grid would be really nice to see.

There's a possibility here with Old Hollywood Grid and a different agenda suite. If you go down to a suite of singleton agendas, you can make it way harder for the runner to steal... plus you still land your Casting Call tags and they will fire again. You'd have to chuck your Virgos, but at that point you can get rid of The Board and throw in some influence-free ICE.

14 Aug 2015 CommissarFeesh

@FarCryFromHuman Off the Grid is also a region. Can't play with Breaker Bay Grid or Old Hollywood Grid.

14 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Is it?

14 Aug 2015 LeonardQuirm

Despite it's Grid name, Off the Grid isn't a region, and can be played with Breaker Bay Grid. That said, I don't think it's too key for this deck: while the discount for Off the Grid is obviously nice, the Worlds Plaza gives a 2 cred discount for everything placed on it, which is the rez cost of all the other assets in this deck (as it stands), so Breaker Bay won't give you much.

14 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Ah, I totally forgot Worlds Plaza gives a discount as well. I'm still all about that Old Hollywood Grid advice though.