No.... Big girls trash their Monoliths

Cliquil 874

So we all know how silly Monolith is. I have only seen it used in the glorious "Big Girls ply with Monoliths" deck.

So, what if, instead - big girls trash the Monoliths?

Play the first half of the game drawing with Shaper draw and trashing where necessary with Faust. Then just before the end of your deck you put out the Trope. When it has three counters you shuffle in the three Monoliths and then...

18-36-54 credit swing. Then Levy.

Play on as a normal Shaper, bring in your big rig using a Cybersolutions memory chip to make things work and play the end game with a solid board position.

14 Aug 2015 MrAaronSA

This deck make me think quite a bit, thanks for the post.

I think having a big rig, plus faust, plus your end game credit swing is a bit redundant. So if getting faust out and trashing your cards is the early game plan, then you should only worry about those pieces of ice that are problematic for faust (Swordsman, Turing, Wraparound). So you could just throw in a Corroder, Mimic and ZU.13 Key Master to cover yourself for those situations.

Your gameplan for the second half was to bring in your big rig after a 54 credit swing...but you don't need a big rig if you have 54 credits. Plus if you achieve a 54 credit swing, and don't already have your big rig out, you then have to install your big rig, which could take time if you didn't already have those programs in your hand.

So, overall I think that the smaller breakers will better allow you to utilize your massive flood of credits.

14 Aug 2015 MrAaronSA

*made, not make

14 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

This is janky as hell and I love it. I'd recommend more hand size (via whatever means) and Professional Contacts or Symmetrical Visage. It would be good to earn a bit more money while emptying out your stack. You can always trash cards with Faust to drop what you need into your heap, and you want room for your three Windfalls + LARLA while still keeping cards to trash to Faust.

Alternately, get rid of some Clots for I've Had Worse. Powering through your deck even faster will only help. I can see this deck drawing/playing draw cards and 4th running on something important for a few turns and then being ready to go with your combo.

Blacklist and Chronos Project will need to be played around.

14 Aug 2015 thesm17

Use Drug Dealer to draw even faster?

16 Aug 2015 Cliquil

Thanks for the comments!

Small breakers I can see the logic of, I think I have been presuming that the 54 credit swing is actually a brief peak from which you will be falling down. I may be wrong about that to be fair. The dangerous thing about Mimic though is that there would be some sentries that would keep rig 2.0 out.

I think you are right about needing some greater hand size. I think it would have to be Beach Party, and then switch some of the Quality Times for Beach party. This might require some Adjusted Chronotypes, probably losing a Clot or two.

Drug Dealer is interesting...