Fifteen Million Merits

Diegofsv 1368

This name is from an awesome episode from the awesome british series Black Mirror. In this episode, everytime the characters are watching a movie or doing anything at all, an Ad would pop-up and you need to spend credits to dismiss it. The idea here is really close to it, its all about tempo and rezzing the ad in the most irritating time. Here is an example of a great first turn.

1 - Install and Rez Product Placement (runner loses 1c)

2 - Install and don't rez Launch Campaign

3 - ICE HQ or R&D or even go all crazy and install SanSan City Grid in the same remote.

If the runner get a credit, you know he will use Sure Gamble, so Rez your Launch Campaign. The tricky part is to rez your ads right so the runner loses tempo and you can move forward and FA the hell out fast. ICE are mostly to reduce tempo and runner credits from the early game. Wraparound oblige a fracter installed, Enigma and Troll will reduce its cliks, Pop-up Window and Tollbooth for tolls, Excalibur making its run the last one and Special Offer as a special Hedge Fund. PAD Campaign is not here because dripping is too slow and you want all things fast.

Feedback is appreciated

14 Aug 2015 hi_impact

I think Spark is strongest when it can land a Closed Accounts.

A lot of Runner econ engines will just feel better about their win when they run all over a piddley 1c tax a turn. But if you get some tags off and trash their resources and start hitting them for 1c every turn?

Now we're talkin. Completely disagree with spending any influence on Campaigns. There's enough in faction. Maybe Adonis.

14 Aug 2015 hi_impact

On the flip side I've been toying with Spark and the new NBN big box makes it really hard to spend influence because everything you want is in faction. Maybe dump some points on ICE or powerful assets (Corporate Town)?

14 Aug 2015 Diegofsv

I do have a tag version of it, but I don't enjoy it. The HB Campaigns provide me a strong economy option and if the runner trash them, they loose tempo which is exactly what you want start your astro train. The only card that's completly useless here is Explode-a-palooza which I may change for 3 NAPD Contract. I could remove all Eve Campaign thought if I find something really complemental to the deck objective. Will think about it.

15 Aug 2015 x3r0h0ur

No comment on the deck yet, but everyone should watch black mirror, its a fantastic series.

15 Aug 2015 Diegofsv

@x3r0h0ur You are goddam right.

15 Aug 2015 SlayerCNV

in a meta made of Film Critic, Explode-a-palooza is better than NAPDs

15 Aug 2015 Diegofsv

@SlayerCNV well, Film Critic will do the same with Explode-a-palooza so, whats the difference?