greyfield 3808

Any They Live fans?

Anyway, I've been shocked at how good Spark Agency is. Simple things like draining the runner to 4 credits before they even get to take a turn, stealing a credit right after they click from 0 to 1, and threatening to steal a credit from the runner when they have an exact amount for the run they want to make are surprisingly powerful, and when you get paid off in the process, it's amazing how much tempo you can absorb. Product Placement has been a significant MVP - my favorite move so far is to build a scoring server with a Pop-Up Window protecting a face-down SanSan and a face-up Product Placement (or two!), threatening a huge money swing if they try to interfere. And then there's the advantage that comes with stealing money from your opponent and then demanding that they trash a SanSan City Grid, lest you get to keep scoring out of hand and build up an unbeatable lead.

The advantages of this agenda mix also can't be overstated. Global Food Initiative not only peels points out of your deck, it's a great agenda to score for your final three points, off a mix of Astro counters, SanSan, and Biotic.

The deck could probably use Shipment from SanSan and a Virus Suite for some Clot protection, and probably doesn't need quite so much easy money - maybe Hedge Fund is a viable cut.

16 Aug 2015 x3r0h0ur

I've come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass.

16 Aug 2015 Myriad

Pretty gross fast advance out of Spark. I will have to try it soon.

16 Aug 2015 say200426

GFI is a worse Beale. I don't understand why you use it.

17 Aug 2015 greyfield

Because unlike Beale, GFI counts as 3 points toward your 20, which means I get to run 2 fewer agendas than the traditional 11 and reduce the number of points actually available to the runner by as many as 4 (three GFIs and 15 Minutes). And also unlike Beale, scoring it for 3 points works with SanSan City Grid.

17 Aug 2015 Chuftbot

Came for They Live, stayed for this mean-ass Spark deck. Good stuff!