Bright Sparks

bionicsheep 1367

Bleed the runner dry, one credit at a time. The first time you early rez a PAD campaign to deny the runner their turn-one-click-one Sure Gamble, you'll thank me for it.

First run through of the new cards, but yeah this is a real fun and utterly brutal variant of the Butchershop archetype. Sure, Film Critic hurts, but a whole lot of your ice tags anyway, so who cares?

Please enjoy.

15 Aug 2015 TonyStellato

looks fun. A few questions:

  • Have you tested it or is it Theory-crafting?

  • Is archangel any good?

  • Whats the Blacklist for? You don't seem to have any destroyers.

  • Do you protect your Launch Campaigns?

  • You only have 2 tagging Ice as a counter for Film Critic, and you don't seem to have a way to win by points (no FA-enabler like SanSan or Biotic or whatnot). Is that enough? What happens if someone drops a Film Critic or double Plascrete, or one of each of those?

15 Aug 2015 RubbishyUsername

Note that Archangel can bounce Film Critic, so that helps.

15 Aug 2015 TonyStellato

@RubbishyUsername hah, that's hilarious. If you can get a loaded Critic back, that'll be funny

15 Aug 2015 bionicsheep


  • Tested briefly, worked well but it wasn't against the strongest deck. Need to test it a little more and see how it works, I think.
  • Archangel is really good. Like, really, really excellent. I'd recommend it.
  • Blacklist is probably coming out in favour of some more tag ice or News Team.
  • Launch Campaign depends - it's good for building a lil scoring server, since it pays off so quick, but if the runner isn't checking remotes and it can survive til the end of their turn you can rez it for a 2c swing, regardless of if they immediately trash it next turn.
  • Gonna add more tag ice for sure.