ID Crisis *1st Place*: CT --> Noise (#slot7clots)

greyfield 3595

This was my runner deck for winning the Identity Crisis tournament at Collectormania in Parker, CO on 8/15/2015. In Identity Crisis, you build a deck legal for one identity and switch the ID card to another. (Props to Joe Senart for the format and a great tournament.) This deck was built in Chaos Theory and run as Noise. It went 4-1 on the day, beating three NBN Titan decks (two FA, 1 Butcher Shop) and an NBN Argus deck and losing to an NBN Titan deck.

Going into the tournament, I knew the corp to beat would be some variant on Titan Transnational-fueled NBN Fast Advance, and thus that I would need my Clot security blanket. After toying with an adaptation of one of my old Professor lists, which ran the Sahasrara-Cache-Scheherazade combo, I realized that there could be enough viruses to run Noise out of Shaper, using 3 Clone Chips and 3 Scavenges as rebuys, piling viruses onto the Personal Workshop, and getting big mills while keeping the Clot blanket ready.

In retrospect, the format was even more skewed than I anticipated toward FA over glacier decks. I never installed the Atman and never used the Mimic, 3 Parasites were overkill, and I often found myself selling Astrolabes to Aesop. (I was lucky enough to rarely want for Aesop, despite my lack of a third core.) I would have been better off cutting a Parasite and the Mimic for an Imp.

16 Aug 2015 funnyways3

Sooooo cool! This is the one I was REALLY sad to not get to play against but I totally can see how it would work. Clever, love it!

16 Aug 2015 Dydra

hahaha errr... this seems pretty bonkers for a format ... can make some really OP stuff