The Tech Bubble

RJorb 194

This deck revolves around three cards: Data Leak Reversal, Wireless Net Pavilion and Fall Guy. The plan is to make DLR prohibitively expensive to trash, and use it to ruthlessly mill the Corp.

In the early game, the aim is to rapidly draw through your deck while building up a decent bank of credits. You also will need to make a run on a central (probably Archives) to get at least one Data Leak Reversal into play.

Repeatedly playing Fisk Investment Seminar, and recurring it with Deja Vu, will help accelerate your game plan while also thinning the Corp's deck. It also should increase the agenda density in HQ.

If necessary, you can throw down some Gang Signs and a HQ Interface to discourage the Corp from scoring freely. Crypsis in play and a large bank of credits is also a decent threat to scoring remotes.

As the game progresses, get as many DLRs, Fall Guys and Wireless Net Pavilions into play as you can. When you're ready to start milling, use Vamp, Account Siphon or Paparazzi to get tagged. Then, mill like crazy.

(If the Corp has a large enough bank to pay through the Fall Guys and Wireless Net Pavilions, before getting tagged you can make some probing attacks with Crypsis to try and force them to spend money rezzing ice. Or just Vamp it all away.)

Win by milling out R&D. Or, if the Corp is getting too close to winning, you can just snatch up the milled agendas in Archives with Hades Shard (or a Crypsis run).

This deck is, in all likelihood, more janky than good. The All-Seeing I and Freelancer are the biggest threats, or just fast, aggressive play by the Corp. But when this deck works, it is truly ridiculous.