Career Kim, Top 16 Australian Nationals, 5-1 Swiss Rounds

Smattc 455

Picked Kim to help against Operation Heavy NEH kill decks etc, Also something different that people maybe were not expecting.
Went 5-1 During Swiss Rounds. Beating HB, NEH & Weyland.

I was not flat lined at all during the tournament.

Losses were to The World Is Yours Fast Advance Decks. Mostly poor choices made by myself when running against them but also sometimes it can be cumbersome to get the cards you need on the board early so there is that window where they can really get a head start on you.

Overall really happy i took this deck and it served me well

17 Aug 2015 juiuce

Loving the Kim Love - want to see this guy at the tip-top-tier. I'd offer to drop the 3rd Career fair and the Hades and treat yourself with another clone chip and a peddler. In my own tinkering have enjoyed the 2 career fairs with 3 peddlers. Less catching the fair, more peddling the wares.

17 Aug 2015 Smattc

Thanks, Yeh i experimented a lot before the time came, i found the fairs came in handy and you were not unhappy to see them, using them in a pinch to get a utopia out cheaper if i couldn't get into HQ and though i might die if i didnt get some cards out of there.

17 Aug 2015 Badeesh

Nice. What's the Hade's shard doing?

17 Aug 2015 Smattc

If I could get it down early it makes people nervous about dumping adgendas and leaving their Jackson on the table to get extra cards, also used it later in the game to access utopia cards I couldn't access when archives was iced up

18 Aug 2015 JohnnyMilton


2 Oct 2015 Laxen

Awesome. Solid anarch deck with Kim at the frontline - I like it.