This Just In, Your Tagged - Australian Nationals 2015, 3-3 S

Smattc 455

Took this deck to Nationals and it really took people by surprise and it felt like a lot of the time runners were really unsure what to do or underestimated it.

Little Engine worked great to either keep them out of HQ for a long time until they found an answer or to create a short term scoring server when they were low on credits.

The Breaker Bay Gird / City Surveillance combo worked well creating a distraction and runners always felt they had to deal with that first.

The Three games that it lost were due to the runner knowing they were going to lose or be dead next turn/click. And all three times they got that winning agenda they needed. Either through a last click makers eye, a last click top deck RND or the other time a 1/5 chance in HQ and getting the one they needed. So with some luck the other way it could have been different , but those are the risks we take!

Also got a win through a Snare / DRT install in remotes, running the Snare. He had a I've had worse in Hand so he did not die. but at the end of the turn with 1 card in hand and myself having an astro token, breaking news and Traffic accident in hand he did die.

Manhunt was very taxing with a trace 4 using the making news as well

Was something different and something people did not expect.

17 Aug 2015 Clockwork


17 Aug 2015 Smattc

Cheers , missed that grammatical error. Pretty sure you have saved lives today fixing that up haha