Crime Lord Geist

Ehill 1778

I piloted Geist in a version of "Are you watching closely?" to the top 8 of the LA Regionals and since them I've been looking for ways to refine him. And ooo'boy this is not what I was expecting

Crime Lord - I Don't Make Mistakes, You Do

Don't mess with me

The core philosophy of this deck is to apply pressure through the threat of your board state and in doing so force to corp to play around you in ways that are easy to punish.

This deck has zero recursion, doesn't use Street Pedler, has no Desperado, and even shirks the use of Sure Gambles.


You don't have to make the kinds of mistakes that require you to use recursion and your draw/credit economy is already robust enough to make corperations quake in fear.

But how do you actually make the corporation fear you? How do you force them to make mistakes? How do you kill those dirty Sysops before they even have a chance to ruin your glorious government issued icebreakers?

The method is twofold:

Guaranteeing Access - The B&E suite is one of the most threatening sets of icebreakers in the game and security chip has only increased their power. With 3 cards and 2 credits you can shatter 90% of all early game ice. And if the corporation plays passively the toolkit begins to ramp up as you establish your actual board allowing you smash through mega servers for next to nothing. Don't be surprised when you manage to break Heimdal 2.0 for nothing and draw a card for your trouble.

Dismantling their lategame - With 4 cards you can counter every major upgrade in the game in a way that forces the corporation to play sub-optimally and guards you from needing recursion effects in the first place. (Props to d23 for keying me into this combo)

  1. Drive By - Force the corp to show you their plan or risk losing their power players.
  2. Hacktivist Meeting - Punishes your opponent for playing around Drive By
  3. Unregistered S&W '35 - Punishes them even more for playing around Drive By and Hactivist
  4. Sneakdoor Beta - This lets you slam into HQ for a surprise upgrade kills and then forces the corp to waste resources defending another server. (extra useable because of your cloud rig)

The pressure this deck can exert while barely running cannot be understated, it only gives your opponent bad decisions. It gets into people's heads and opens them up to being crushed. If your the type of player who can capitalize on that you will be rewarded dearly. (Jinteki fans, I'm looking at your way)

Possible Modifications: I may take out 1x Special order of another HQI and depending on the meta it would be wise to swap 1 Security chip for a Film Critic and potentially add 1-2 plascretes right on the top

26 Nov 2015 Cliquil

Hello. I only just found your deck through looking at your other decks. I admire your deckbuilding skills. thumbs up

I have a question about this deck. What would you say is your "answer" for decks that seek to go superfast, typically NBN, either scoring largely from hand (presumably they'd have to use Biotic to avoid the Hacktivist Meeting/Drive By ruining their San SAn City Grid fun) or by doing enough work to do the 24/7 murder combo?

Does the Drive By/Hacktivist slow down corps enough? Or would you feel the need for Plascretes as you indicate in possible modifications.