Child of Apocalypse

Bandura 300

This is a very fun deck based on @b4ralai's deck from Verona Regionals:
But now with Data and Destiny, we have access to Apocalypse!

the way it goes is usually like this:
0. (optional) Install Overmind, keep the corporation on their toes
1. Install Magnum Opus / draw like crazy with Diesel, Quality Time, Same Old Thing
2. Install (or Hostage) Theophilius Bagbiter
3. 2-3 turns of money making with Magnum Opus, maybe a Hyperdriver install
4. Game Day, Hyperdriver, Faust / Clone Chip, ready to go (optional: can prep some more with Freelance Coding Contract, The Helpful AI)
5. Run HQ, archives, play The Maker's Eye, Apocalypse (mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!), Aesop's Pawnshop, Clone Chip into Overmind
and you are in good shape for the short rest of the game )))