[TWA] Got Up Early, Sold Some Stuff, Went To The Club

BigBadWolf 1380

This is a fairly standard Wyldecakes Faust list that you'll see going around at the moment.

What makes the deck shine in the competitive scene is it's consistency. Now that Faust allows Noise to reliably threaten remote servers (not to mention being able to access archives), it's really a game changer.

Unlike some other decks, this list forgoes the standard one-of Corroder. While you'll occasionally run into some trouble with a Wraparound or a Turing, David can held you out there, and if you get in early with your Datasuckers, then you can just murder the ICE.

The Virus Mill is really incidental. It's obviously the most powerful thing about any Noise deck, as the variance the disruption can play on the game can be huge.

Again, Street Peddler has been a huge swing for the consistence of assembling the engine of Chronotype/Aesops/Wyldside, and allows you get it up and running that much quicker, outside of the obvious upside of being able to play programs at instant speed.

While an argument could be made for cutting the third Chronotype, being able to get the engine online as quickly as possible is important, and the downside of having the dead cards in your deck is mitigated by turning into fuel for Faust.

Anyway, this list feels really dope and I don't think I'll be playing any other runner for a little while.

17 Aug 2015 HexNet

I think the list is missing David's. You mention them in the writeup, but they aren't listed above.

I love the article that this was posted in and feel a lot of good will come from opening up about tilt and depression, both for you personally and the community. These are real issues a lot of players struggle with. Thank you for sharing, and congrats on all the progress you've made!

Article link for those interested: thewinningagenda.com

17 Aug 2015 BigBadWolf

@HexNet oh yeah, the list is missing David. I wrote it up very hastily so I could link from the article.

Thanks for the kind words, dude!

18 Aug 2015 HexNet

@BigBadWolf No problem! I assume the Sure Gamble's are there instead of the David's (we're all so used to auto-including them).

Other lists very similar to this have dropped the 3x I've Had Worse for a third Imp, a Mimic, and a Corrodor. The idea being you will try to trash kill cards via Imp-counters and virus mill before they can assemble everything. Also, they are desperately shoring up defenses to keep your Parasite + Faust aggression at bay that they might not have enough credits to SS/SE/SE you. Lastly, if you're discarding most of your hand during a run, you might not have enough cards left to survive the first SE to trigger the I've Had Worse. It's still a great in-faction Diesel. These lists also drop the third Faust and Grimoire for a pair of Lampreys. Personally, I've found the Lamprey's underwhelming.

Last month when Shielsy did his deck tech on his Stealth Kit deck (with Woman-in-the-Red-Dress) he absolutely RAVED about Nerve Agent. I love 1 Medium 1 Nerve Agent over double Medium. Give it a try! :)