Lay Upon My Roundish Bed (Tech Talk #1)

Scud 325

Man. Armand "Geist" Walker: Tech Lord—what a complete box of tools. Seriously, just lookit his, what is that, a see-through shirt? C'mon! Total brohabitation.


That ability is cool. He may look like the fifth Fall Out Boy, but like most overly-coiffed hipster douchebags, there's one thing he does that's cool. Most of the time it's home charcuterie or neckbeard-cozy knitting or something. With Geist, it's drawing a card when he uses a ability.

Oh, and he has 1, which is like that guy Duane—the one who always wears spats and works at the coffee roasting place that only uses locally-sourced stirrers—having, like, a vinyl copy of Guided by Voices Bee Thousand in mint condition: pretty cool, if you're into that kind of thing.

Which we here at Tech Talk Ranch most certainly are. Both of those things, actually. Mmmmm, "Gold Star for Robot Boy"...

Anyway, the R&D Dept. here at Tech Talk Ranch have been twiddling and tweaking and twerking with what they affectionately call "Old Drippy," a combination of Data Folding and Underworld Contact that, when up and running, moistens you with 6 every turn. Every. Turn. "Old Drippy" is a little spendy, though, costing 15 credits and six clicks, and that's not counting the 1-2 cards you'll have to play to turn on Underworld Contact and any extra MU cards you need in order to have a rig that doesn't shut off Data Folding. AND you want to get the whole package up early so it has time to generate you enough cashy-money to make the whole thing worth it.

We've tried it in Shaper (and it works: go look at Congress for the perfect version created by Daine, although workable versions exist for both Nasir and poor less Hayley.) We've tried it in Anarch (Reina and Eddy as well as a "hard mode" version with Quetzal). But what about in Criminal?

We'd want a native and some sort of draw-acceleration in order to get everything together... faster...

$#!t. We're going to have to invite "The Tech Lord" to this party, aren't we? He ALWAYS makes us call him that the whole time: "Hey, Tech Lord, can you hand me a crab rangoon from the snack table?" "Yes, Tech Lord, I'd love to hear about your one-man EDM-meets-folk band, The Prettiest Girl in School." "Hey, Tech Lord, you gonna be in there long, I need to pee!" How can you respect a man with TWO NICKNAMES?!? Is it "Geist" or is it "Tech Lord"? Get it together, man!

(We could go with Andy, what with her 1 and impressive starting hand, BUT, well, yawn. Feel free to put together that version of the deck and let us know how it goes.)

Building around "Old Drippy" in Criminal gives us Influence-less access to a couple very strong tools: Career Fair, to pay less for a few of our key pieces, and Forger, to get our turned on. Since we're going to have AT LEAST 2, we may as well look at Cloud 'breakers in order to lessen our need for additional MU to keep Data Folding turned on, and that means Crowbar, Shiv, and Spike. Those 'breakers work well with Geist's ability and they allow us to break ICE cheaply, which is good while we get "Old Drippy" set up.

Geist will then wander over to The Professor's Personal Workshop and pick up a couple-two-three Clone Chips in order to both reuse the Jailbreakers AND to trigger Geist's ability some more. While we're there, let's ask for a copy of ZU.13 Key Master, another Cloud 'breaker that gives us a little more reliability. We'll make sure while he's there to have Geist give his card to the Film Critic with whom old Four-Eyes is trying to hook up—she might come in handy some time and, in the future, arty, intellectual ladies love a see-thru shirt.

On the way back from The Prof's, Geist can drop by Noise's Off-Campus Apartment to borrow a set of keys and ask for a Corroder because, well, why not? It'll give us additional late game juice and it's what all the cool kids are using to break Barriers—all those "Lady"-losers are big time poseurs.

Back in his Criminal den, Geist will, of course, want a Femme Fatale (because digital ladies dig a see-through shirt even more than arty intellectuals) and a couple of Crescentus (for derezzing all those Archers and Enforcer 1.0s that are running around). Skeezy dude that he is, he'll also put a call into his Drug Dealer (what's a single when "Old Drippy" is giving you six a turn?), his drivers (bye-bye Batty, Caprice, Ash, and anything else bothering him) and his closest pals. He'll also try to booty-call Kati Jones but that lady, she's not into see-thru shirts, although she is into helping bring down the megacorps, so maybe she'll answer.

He'll round out his entourage with two Dyson Mem Chips, to help make sure "Old Drippy" is active ASAP, and meta choices e3 Feedback Implants, for Shiv-ing through Archers and Enforcers and still being able to Crescentus them, and Feedback Filter, for helping in the Jinteki matchup. He could easily put two other hipster dudes in see-thru shirts in those places, instead, which would help with the upcoming tagstorm meta AND like to crash out at Noise's place.

And there you have it, the Criminal version of "Old Drippy." Aggressive early game with tons of late-game staying power (you'll often be at 15+ credits with Kati Jones sitting at 12+). The Jailbreakers let you get in a couple times for cheap, your permanent rig allows for runs when you have the money. You don't have any multi-access threats BUT that hasn't really been an issue in testing thus far—you get to a board state fairly quickly where, like a Shaper, nothing is safe, you can go wherever you want whenever you want.

Go, play, return, and report. We here at the old Tech Talk Ranch will keep plugging away at it, too. Let's polish this guy up and make him, well... not as annoying. That shirt though, man. Gah.

20 Aug 2015 Robotron5673

Enjoyed reading the commentary.

20 Aug 2015 Wookiee

Street Peddler is oh so good in Geist. Especially since you're already at just 5 events. This already great card is better for Geist even.... Given how fast you need to get to the chips, I'd consider -1 Forger - Clone Chip +2 Street Peddler.

20 Aug 2015 Scud

Street Peddler can toss your Underworld Contacts and Data Foldings in the trash. It can make you kill Clone Chips. It can make Drive By go away. I don't want to risk those things. Off-Campus Apartment has been a house in testing, much more reliable than Street Peddler. I almost always end up drawing through my deck, seeing all my cards.

Please, though, try your version and see how it goes, report back, and mostly, have fun playing. Thanks!

20 Aug 2015 hi_impact

I, for one, think Geist is a pretty cool character. I would buy Security Chips from Mr. Technolord any day.

20 Aug 2015 Scud

@hi_impact Yeah, and you probably only buy free-range basil and drink only beer brewed in rent-controlled apartments from hops collected by Father John Misty. I know your kind. =)

20 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I wonder what Armand thinks about kids? He and Sunny sure like a lot of the same toys...

21 Aug 2015 Shiiuga

It's KG with the feather and the French Tickler!

(Really hoping I got the deck title reference right here or this is gonna be a weird-ass comment...)

21 Aug 2015 Scud

And a delicious Tech Talk Ranch-made chocolate chip cookie to @Shiiuga for really nailing the reference. Nailing it hard. And sucking on its toes. Good luck finding another commenter who sucks toes.

21 Aug 2015 Shiiuga

Now we're talking double team: supreme!

I may not be very good at Netrunner but I am good at placing obscure Tenacious D lyrics.

21 Aug 2015 Scud

Well, @Shiiuga, use this deck and instantly take your game to the next level, guaranteed!*

*not really guaranteed, not even a little, tiny bit.

21 Aug 2015 Wookiee

It's common thread has started to make me a little uncomfortable. I think I need an Adult

21 Aug 2015 Ehill

I like the draw engine How do you feel about having 3 clone chips and no multi-access power? and how do you handle rezzed upgrades in servers like caprice or ash?

21 Aug 2015 Scud

@Edje: I had a version of this that ran a Medium, which I think is the best multi-access for this deck. You could drop the Feedback Filter and the ZU.13 Key Master and add 1 Medium and a Peacock. You have e3 Feedback Implants, so Code Gates will only be a little more costly...

As for rezzed Upgrades, I usually have enough money that I can just run the Caprice or Ash enough times to beat it (again, I am apparently preternaturally lucky at Psi games, so YMMV).

21 Aug 2015 Scud

@Edje: I should point out that if you go the route I suggested for multi-access, you'll NEED both Dyson Mem Chips installed to have your full rig AND "Old Drippy" fully functional.

22 Aug 2015 razortoy

It's a shame to dismissWonderboy right away but I see the concerns of losing out on an important card.

22 Aug 2015 Elthane

I can't help but wonder if you guys have tried an "old drippy" Iain Stirling? Is that in the works?

23 Aug 2015 Scud

@razortoy: I didn't dismiss The Artful Dodger right away—I tested a version with two in place of the Off-Campus Apartments. It was fine, but less consistent because you sometimes had to throw stuff you wanted in the Heap. I pretty much want to install the entire deck, minus the extra Film Critic, Off-Campus Apartment, Drug Dealer (unless I get both really early and have "Old Drippy" giving me 2+ already), possibly the extra Forgers, and maybe the Feedback Filter if I'm not facing Jinteki. That's 6 cards that are "extraneous" under most circumstances. The slight discount never felt worth the risk.

23 Aug 2015 Scud

@Elthane: There is, indeed, an Iain version, one that I have played a lot, actually, and I can't believe I forgot about (I've given the deck up in favor of this one and my Professor deck, "The Coconut Radio." I'll post the Iain version with a Tech Talk subtitle soon.

23 Aug 2015 razortoy

@Scud thanks for the feedback! I sleeved this up though added the fateful 46th card so I can shoot mind bullets (well, real bullets with my Unregistered S&W '35 ) because I am terrible at psi games.

23 Aug 2015 Wookiee

The discount is really the least part of the peddler - instant speed installs and card access are her thing. But given how important the three of each is for you, you're probably right to leave her out.

23 Aug 2015 Scud

@Wookiee: Other than Femme Fatale, wjat card benefits from instant speed install? You don't want to throw a way any jailnreakers, and putting me out during the run is cute, but hardly necessary. Different build may get a lot of use out of Street Peddler but this one doesn't need it.

23 Aug 2015 Shiiuga

You could trash a Peddler to install an Interface/medium/nerve agent after breaking ice but before access. You could parasite away a piece of ice after res before encounter.

23 Aug 2015 Scud

@Shiiuga: Oh no, I get the idea, I just mean what card IN THIS DECK benefits from instant install? Femme Fatale is obvious, but the rest of them... eh.

24 Aug 2015 Scud

@Elthane (and anyone else interested): Here) is the Iain Stirling: Retired Spook version, entitled "Viagra, Rolaids, and Scotch."

24 Aug 2015 Scud

@Elthane (and anyone else interested): Here) is the Iain Stirling: Retired Spook version of the "Old Drippy" deck, entitled "Viagra, Rolaids, and Scotch."

27 Aug 2015 razortoy

I played this twice last night at my LGS league night, once vs NEXT Design: Guarding the Net and once vs Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It and won both pretty handily. The NEXT design was all about NEXT ice a big scoring remote (5 deep!) and the e3 Feedback Implants totally earned their keep. My opponent even commented on why were they in there? And then it came up big late game when multi subs started adding up.

Also Ol' Drippy is legit. Even with my completely legitimate drug prescriptions adding up, my Drippy kept the co-pay manageable. I burned through my deck and the game lasted about 7 more turns. It was crazy - he only had 6 agendas (3 shards, 3 vanity projects).

Anyway just wanted to say thanks and report back on it with my experiences. Awesome deck, @Scud, it's a ton of fun to play.

28 Aug 2015 Scud

@razortoy: Glad it worked so well for you. It's a hell of a lot of fun to play.