Batty & Bitch 'Price in Harmony (FT)

D4KEN 136

As Jinteki Lover i was thinking about something new to play outside of RP, cuz im not so happy with my Nisei build and RP tooks too much time in tournaments imho. So i ended with Harmony Medtech ;)

Gameplan is to score 2 3-pointers before the runner can score. So only 6 3pointer and Shi.Kyu.

TFP - self defense
Utopia - taxing
PR - situational, may for rez the susanoo or tollbooth

Allele - funny things can happen, fake as agenda to get some econ back, or put dropped Snare! or Shi.Kyu back in HQ before Access
Executive - Counter the Blackmail stuff / get Assets when needed
Jackson - recur stuff, card draw if needed

Caprice / Batty - just end the run, or swapping to archives, may installing stuff

good econ is needed to get the stuff into play, GLC/CG combo against siphon FT to get the first/second Agenda when u need them if not drawn

im not sure about the selection but in an anarch/kate heavy meta i needed something thats a bit resitent against parasites/datasuckers and work with Betty/Caprice (e.g. ETR, Excalibur, draw and install stuff) to stop/tax the runner

Need a bit more playingtime, if the draw is good it can be played real fast