GS Theory

moondark89 196

Awesome and super slim deck! On top of having only 40 cards in the deck, pulling out a Rabbit Hole chain will leaving you with an effective deck size of 38! Deck drawing efficiency skyrockets compared with those clunky 45 card decks!

To maximize the effectiveness of the Rabbit Holes, we use Underworld Contact for drip economy, and GS Striker M1, GS Shrike M2 and GS Sherman M3 breaker suite, which all uses 0 memory when the Rabbit Holes are out!

The main drawback of the GS breaker suite is the relatively high leaps of strength, meaning these breakers will be inefficient on certain strength ICE. Therefore, we can run 3 Datasuckers, to tweak the ICE strength to whatever we desire! As a bonus, we can have all 3 GS Breakers, all 3 Datasuckers AND a Magnum Opus installed WITHOUT even having a console (when the Rabbit Hole chain is running)! Crazy!

Is the Corp running poor and has lots of Tracer ICE? You can probably afford to waltz through them using your 3 Link from the Rabbit Holes instead of your slightly more expensive Breakers! Also makes us more resilient to Midseason Replacements or SEA Source.

With Daily Casts, Underworld Contact and Magnum Opus, this deck should have all the economy you can need! The only thing left to address is card draw!

Earthrise Hotel, Diesel and Astrolabe all provide cost effective card draw. Combined with Self-modifying Code, you should be able to get setup as quickly as you need!

Modded helps offset the cost of the expensive GS Breakers, Magnum Opus or makes your first Rabbit Hole free, in a pinch.

An early Indexing has the potential to half-win you the game with Agendas in some instances, or seriously hinder the Corps access to Economy cards, you will always be happy to see this card near the start.

The luxury, tweakable cards are R&D Interface, Public Sympathy and Clone Chip.

R&D Interface allows you some harder digs, so you spend less time hitting R&D, Public Sympathy will help you hold all the cards you draw as a result of Earthrise Hotel, Astrolabe and Diesel and make us slightly more immune to tag + Traffic Accident + Scorched Earth (6 Meat damage, 7 card hand size) combos or Jinteki flatline attempts. Clone Chips help a great deal if you expect to be up against any damage/program trashing decks, allowing us to recur our important Breakers and Datasuckers.

The luxury cards can be swapped out to meet whatever is prevalent in your meta. Double Scorched Earth combos/Butchershop everywhere? Consider swapping in some Plascrete Carapace. Fast Advance NBN/HB ruining all the fun? Swap a GS Striker M1 for a Clot and Self-modifying Code the Clot out before they score the Agenda! This deck can even run all 3 GS Breakers, 3 Datasuckers, a Magnum Opus and a Clot when you have the Rabbit Hole chain and Astrolabe out.