Industrial Efficiency-German Nationals Qualifier Freusburg (

Lorgar 78

My IG deck for the German National's friday qualifier. The whole day noone runned on my 2 ICE plus upgrade scoring remote! The weak spot is R&D so I keeped it guarded well with the Tollboth ans upgrades. The 2 Daily are crucial for IG it gives you in the early game ICE and the Shocks! and later the upgrades for servers.

21 Aug 2015 ANRguybrush

I was trying to figure out IG and kinda lost focus, so seeing this is eye-opening.

Do you think old hollywood grid is good instead of the second ash?

22 Aug 2015 fubaring

Being running IG for a while this looks pretty cool have the Chronos Projects helped never thought of running them out of IG usually like to keep agenda density down.

22 Aug 2015 marauding_antisec

@fubaring the deck has 54 cards, so the deck has 0.15% more agenda cards compared to a 49er running 9 agendas.

23 Aug 2015 Lorgar

@mcpba I think about taking out the Ichi for one OHG. An late game Ash can bring you the victory installed at the scoring remote or R&D. If the runner runs aggressively you need in one of these systems the Ash, in the other the Caprice.

@fubaring Actually I could hit in the turnament one Kate without cards in the stack, an a second Kate with 3 cards left. It brought me in fact these two games. If you continously spam assets the runner usually don`t check them.