BoJack Valencia (AKA: The Deck That Makes Freelancer Good)

bionicsheep 1367

Friends, this is really strong. You will win, and everyone will hate you for it. I am confident that this right here is The New Shit.

Paparazzi and Data Leak Reversal were always going to be a strong combination, but this pushes that simple combo to its absurdist limits. If the corp hasn't won by around turn 10 - which, by the way, will have to be through fast advance, since Blackmail can snipe any dormant agendas - they have lost the game.

Your objective is to get 2-3 of each of your key resources on the table (Wireless Net Pavilion, Data Leak Reversal, & Fall Guy) and then install a Paparazzi (or two!) and begin milling. If you don't expect meaningful tag punishment - which is to say, Closed Accounts, Psychographics or Scorched Earth (if they're really rich) - go ahead and start using Joshua B to get that extra click each turn. You have a ridiculous amount of draw, so you should be set up pretty quickly

With a couple of Fall Guys and a couple of Wireless Net Pavilions on the table, getting to the point where they can trash the actually threatening cards will cost them upwards of 20c and two turns at least. In that time, you can mill like wild, and by the time they're done they'll be so skint that you can Vamp with abandon to push your victory home and slow them down past the point of recovery. Xanadu is there to help with the post-Vamp pressure, although it could be cut for more draw if you feel you need it.

I'm using Valencia Estevez: The Angel of Cayambe for two reasons:

  1. Blackmail threatens remotes in the early game, and corps will often slow down for it
  2. In preparation for The All-Seeing I, that one bad publicity means you can survive and keep on milling.

The name comes from this deck being pure BoJack Horseman: you're using your undeserved celebrity and your bloody-minded destructiveness to ruin everyone's life in your own self-interest. Something about this deck is fundamentally broken, and I sorta love it.

21 Aug 2015 Friff14

What's with Xanadu? I feel like that's a wasted slot, seeing how there is no real reason to make them rez ice. I'd rather have another economy piece, or maybe Inject.

21 Aug 2015 bionicsheep

@Friff14 Partially a relic of this originally being a Reina deck, partially to prevent Pop-up Window rezzes after a Vamp. Could very easily be switched out for more draw or econ if you feel it needs it, although I've found I end up discarding a fair amount of draw already (although I wouldn't cut any of it).

21 Aug 2015 mattb

I just lost against this deck with Blue Sun and it's a good one. I was digging hard for Corporate Town which is the only thing I had that could have saved me.

21 Aug 2015 bionicsheep

Aside: the game against @mattb was super interesting too since he used a turn-1 Elizabeth Mills to kill my bad publicity and turn off Blackmail. Gotta say, I've had a lot of luck when testing this on Octgn - I almost immediately ran into the three cards which are the most dangerous for it and which I most wanted to test it against (All-Seeing I, Corporate Town and Elizabeth Mills). It's real solid against all three. :P

22 Aug 2015 TonyStellato

A third Inject seems a lot more useful then Xanadu. I'm also not sure what the Clone Chip is doing when you don't run and have the option to put (for no influence) a third Deja Vu. Other than that, the deck looks cool. I've been trying to theorycraft a Net Pavillion/Paparazzi Reina deck with DLR, but I couldn't get the right balance of cards. Switching to Val makes sense.

22 Aug 2015 bionicsheep

@TonyStellato Clone Chip is so I can discard the three breakers easier & so I can fetch Mimic if I really need it for Swordsman. Since I'm consistently drawing / overdrawing, holding onto Deja Vu mostly just clogs my hand up, so it's better to have a clone chip down and not worry about it.

Xanadu could certainly be cut for more draw if you need it, but like I say, I already discard a fair amount of it - the singleton Xanadu bring it home post-Vamp is a flex card, but I like it.

23 Aug 2015 BobAloVskI

I saw a game on OCTGN with this deck. I came in at about the runner's 6th turn, saw the Wireless Net Pavilions, Fall Guys, Data Leak Reversal and Joshua B. and just dismissed this deck as jank. Seven turns later, the corp was decked. It would have been sooner but they had to check a half dozen remotes. It really was brutal.

23 Aug 2015 mrdudesir

Packing Lizzy Mills and All-Seeing Eye in all of my decks starting now.

25 Aug 2015 bionicsheep

I've posted a new version of this:

With the following results:


9 Oct 2015 teky

you know... i love that you pulled this deck... but i hate this deck and i hate you for it too! :P

Also, it doesn't even make freelancer good because of those stupid fall guys! so there's basically no way to stop it right now :)