Core + Big Box Kit

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HiggsBozo 497

A nice, aggressive Kit deck.

Cyber-Cypher is there for you if you need to contest early remotes, but the plan is to get Yog.0 online, run through stuff for free or Datasucker counters, burn down ice with Parasite and Datasucker, and power into the late game with Atman.

Inti exists to counter Wraparound.

Ice Analyzer helps you get Yog.0 online early, or pays for Parasite later in the game.

Professional Contacts draws you into Daily Casts, Sure Gamble, and Dirty Laundry, and if you run out of those, just Levy AR Lab Access to do it all again. If you draw Levy AR Lab Access early, just pitch it and play it with Same Old Thing when the time is right.

Trashing assets can strain this economy, and Paricia helps.

Finally, Aesop's Pawnshop makes Daily Casts better by 1, and can eat unneeded Self-modifying Code, Paricia, or Ice Analyzer for a quick econ boost.

Medium gives you a win condition.

23 Aug 2015 antivenom101

Fantastic set-up mate! Yeah I would've thought Atman works best with viruses. And I like the economy on this set up as well.

Amazing work and thanks for helping out a mate!

28 Aug 2015 Cimeries

Cyber-cyphered my way through a Wotan to score the last agenda. Tons of fun to play, has inspired me to make my own Kit deck (if I can resist just running yours constantly!)