Professional Sneak - 3rd Place Stockport Public Sympathy Shi

shanodin 686

This is my take on the Hayley stealth deck. I played with the 'Scholar of Stealth' version that won the Uroboros cup for quite a while but after hitting a few problems and making a few changes, I landed on this version, which suits my playstyle much more. I was guilty of just not drawing enough, even with Symmetrical Visage and 3x Diesel. I remedied this by adding Professional Contacts and trying to get them down ASAP. The main struggle for the deck is servers stacked with multiples of the same ICE type, especially sentries. I wish I had space for Parasite but it just didn't fit - Clot needed the card slot more.

24 Aug 2015 sruman

Thanks for posting. Personally I would drop Career as their is only 4 full price targets you'd want to install. Removing 1 Career would allow adding a parasite. Then you could add another money card. Also armitage seems anti-synergistic with professional contacts since clicking armitage costs a card (vs. pro-co). Perhaps personal workshops in those spaces or dirty laundries? Just some thoughts.

24 Aug 2015 shanodin

@sruman thanks for the thoughts. I know what you mean about Career Fair, it's just that it's so nice when I am able to 1st turn Career Fair > Professional Contacts & Daily Casts. But maybe 2 card slots + 2 influence is too valuable for that... Honestly I'm not sure what I would rather have, a Parasite or another Silencer. As for Armitage Codebusting, it's for the times when you need money at a quicker rate than Professional Contacts or Kati Jones. Dirty Laundry might be a good include since in theory it doesn't cost real money to make runs. Not sure about Personal Workshop - you do kinda need 3 of them to make sure you get it early enough, and I wouldn't be able to go 1 install 2 R&D Interface and suprise deep dig on R&D. Maybe I will test it and see how it works out. Thanks for your thoughts :)