Paint Surfing

Nevofix 171

Time to hit the waves! Let them guide you into the Corp's servers.

The idea behind this deck is quite simple:

1) Get the Corp to rez the outermost piece of ice (Forged Activation Orders, Cyberthreat).

2) If it's a barrier, go. If not, use Paintbrush on it. It is now.

3) Surf your way to the inner spot and break it with Quetzal + e3 Feedback Implants.

4) Claim your prize (or punishment)!

Recycle Forged Activation Orders with SOT and Trope.

24 Aug 2015 Aogu

This looks awesome, congrats on the wonderful theme (and playable looking deck!).

I've had a go at Quetzal paintbrush and found Knifed invaluable, if you haven't already considered it I think you might find it worthwhile if you can make room?

24 Aug 2015 Watzlav

This looks like a lot of fun. I would cut Wanton Destruction to make room for Knifed, since most of the time you'll need to spend a click before you run. Looking forward to trying it myself.

25 Aug 2015 Nevofix

Your comments are exactly what I changed in my new version :), but I'm waiting to publish until I have actually had the chance to test it.

25 Aug 2015 Dydra

You need some draw. 1x SMC doesn't cut it to find your 1x Paintbrush ...

25 Aug 2015 Nevofix

I have 2x Earthrise Hotel and 3x I've Had Worse?

25 Aug 2015 lomar4976

What is the options for getting your opponent to rez ice? Cyber threat doesn't specify outermost ice, so that only leaves forged activation orders. Admittedly, cyber threat doesn't force you to run unless the opponent chooses not to rez ice, but if they rez a later piece of ice on the run, and then rez the outermost ice when you start the run, how can you get around that problem?

Face-checking seems really dangerous in this deck, especially with limited options of getting your trashed paintbrush back from the bin.

25 Aug 2015 Nevofix

Cyber Threat is only to be used on servers with only one piece of ice. Forged Activation Orders has to be recycled with SOT and Trope. Moreover as suggested above, I removed 2x Wanton and added 2x Knifed in my latest version (unpublished) to prevent glaciers

1 Sep 2015 Voron

Question about Surfer, can you use 1 on each ICE on a server (because you keep encountering the same ICE the whole run) or do you need a different Surfer each time you want to use its ability?

2 Sep 2015 Nevofix

@Voron You can use the same Surfer every time.

5 Sep 2015 Skitzafreak

I'm wondering if Logos is the console you want to be running here. It lets you search for your Paintbrush when the corp scores, which may end up being more consistent than the 1-of SMC.

5 Sep 2015 Nevofix

@Skitzafreak This seems like a good idea, but aside from SMC, there is no other card I would want to cut from the deck and I don't think changing 1x SMC for 1x Logos would make that much of a difference.

6 Sep 2015 Skitzafreak

@Nevofix ya I know the influence is an issue (those days you wish you had access to 16 influence am I right? :P). However I did have a few interesting ideas come to mind.

-2 Queen's Gambit -2 Stimhack -1 Self-modifying Code

+3 Inject +1 Clone Chip +1 Film Critic

The Inject gives the deck more card draw which helps you find your pieces quicker. Plus the Clone Chip lets you get back your Paintbrush if it gets destroyed, or you hit it with Inject. Also Film Critic helps out against decks like RP, or Butcher Shop where stealing Agendas is either difficult, or dangerous (I know I've Had Worse in in the list, but more the merrier right? :P)