Paper Planes (or DDoS Leela)

JWHamner 345

I've been playing a variant of 'Gang Sign Leela' for a while now, and had great success with it. It's fun! However, in a faction with Desperado, Turntable is not a rational use of 6 influence. You know what is a great Anarch card to spend 6 influence on? DDoS. Install DDoS, trash it, and prepare yourself for 3 clicks of awesome. It's an Inside Job on every server! Do you know what's even better? It combos with Inside Job.

Use Fisk Investment Seminar when you have an HQ Interface or two and a clear path to HQ (possibly via Sneakdoor Beta ). I don't think I'd just use it for draw, since you risk accelerating the corp too much... but I haven't tested this one like I have DDoS.