It Hates You

WayneMcPain 413

I've been tweaking this Kim deck for a while now. The Gang Sign + HQ Interface is a strong combo in any deck (that can spare the influence), but in Kim it especially powerful, because you don't necessarily need all the pieces together for it to be beneficial. A single Gang Sign or HQI by itself helps kick Kim's ability into overdrive and let's you access more of the cards you want by trashing the cards you absolutely don't want to see played.

I've had a lot of viruses in this deck for a while now, and I like the functionality and versatility with the cheap Anarch breaker suite, but where viruses can be very powerful, they are also really slow which has always bugged me. I experimented with Incubator and Hivemind for a while but to no advantage. I decided to give Surge a try and I really think it's going to speed up the deck. My only big concern is MU in the late game. I still can't decide if I'd rather play MemStrips over Djinn, but for now I will risk it. (I only have one core set, so no second Grimoire)

Everything else is pretty standard Anarch, with Kati Jones and Symmetrical Visage heading up the econ and draw engines. Queen's Gambit is a recent addition that can be wonderful for burst econ when you need it most. It's a seriously underrated card that I happily gave a full slot in this deck.

Let me know what you think. I'm always looking for ideas on how to improve. Kim is the first runner I've truly loved to play and I'm still looking for that sweet list that can propel him into Tier 1 territory.