Assimilating The Kitchen Sink (Concept Deck)

FragSpider 87


Another peculiar deck thought-experiment with Apex, and this time... packing as much 0 cost hardware as I could fit in the deck!

Main idea being to use Replicator(s) to pull out as much hardware from your deck as possible and install it on the table as ammunition for all of Apex's wonderful toys; especially Heartbeat. The added bonus is Dorm Computer assists in ignoring taggers, and Record Reconstructor would allow you to but 'inert cards' atop R&D should you be going to Apocalypse and didn't want to meet an nasty Snare or such on access...

I have absolutely no idea how this would play, but I could foresee it taking quite a bit of damage/punishment. Possibly lacks some card draw and early-game pressure, but as said; it's a thought experiment.

Any ideas and comments are welcomed!

28 Aug 2015 Phoenix

There are still an awful lot of ice that you cannot deal with, some of which are a real problem (Archangel, Inazuma, Chum, Data Raven, Taurus, Shinobi etc etc Even Wall of Thorns will hit you for 2 Net Damage). What are your plans for them? I really am of the opinion that Apex needs an almost full breaker suite alongside Endless Hunger.

Also, why Q-Coherence Chip? You trash all of them as soon as you use a Sharpshooter....

28 Aug 2015 FragSpider

@Phoenix; I would disagree with Apex requiring a full rig. Any attempts to make a proper set up with a full suite of breakers/programs would require so much money and effort which goes against Apex's play-style. All of the cards Apex has suggests to me a sheer 'brute force' approach to playing; everything is sacrificial, which is essentially a very extreme Anarch way of playing. Idea of simply laughing at damage encountered as you then explode a piece of ice with Prey as its final ETR means nothing to you.

As for Q Coherence? Being used as ammunition / damage shield rather than for memory. Although you raise a good point; I didn't consider the interaction with Sharpshooter.