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Pinkwarrior 2278

So had a few games with this, we got Safety First and Brain Cage for draw Grifter for econ tho not brill it fits. Endless Hunger, Gingerbread & e3 Feedback Implants gets through most ice and what that doesn't get you through Always Be Running fills in.

Heartbeat combos with Brain Cage meaning even with Safety First down you can have a nice 6 card hand size. sadly no multi access or Levy AR Lab Access so if you run out of cards well you've probably lost.

29 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

This is awesome. I do think trading Safety First for 1x Levy AR Lab Access and 3x Quality Time is probably a good call, though you will have to make a few more cuts for the QT slots. It just seems like the deck's major vulnerability.

10/10 for using Gingerbread in a deck where it makes sense and in a meta where it will matter!

29 Aug 2015 Pinkwarrior

@FarCryFromHuman I hear you I really would love a Levy AR Lab Access in the deck but I feel I cannot cut Safety First as it's my click-less draw mechanic it's really important so one copy's not going to cut it sadly. Quality Time would be nice to get in also not sure how id fit it in tho other than maybe dropping Gingerbread as it turns out Endless Hunger & Always Be Running gets me through anything and generally really cheap but then id have to rename the deck :)

Apocalypse is actually a card am looking at swapping out as so far I never want to play it once am set-up and running the last thing I want is to reset. I have also been really surprised by how useful Grifter is it's actually really good here basically been my Desperado.