Absolute Silence 0.1

McCaber 19

Warning: this deck is in pre-alpha stage. It's been way too long since I built an Anarch deck, so I've probably got the economy completely borked and I'll only realize how to fix it after like six games.

Anyway, Lady's an awesome breaker, and corps are finally picking ICE to deal with it specifically. Spiderweb makes me sad every time I need to run through it. I felt it's time to give the corps a taste of what that feels like.

Enter BlacKat. Not only does it shred small stuff better than Corroder, it kills multisubs better than Lady. Spiderweb costs 1 stealth cred; Hive costs 2; Eli, 1 and a sucker token. Back her up with Davids and Datasuckers and go to town on some ICE.

This version swaps the Switchblades for Refractors, because the stealth killer kit is so influence-heavy and Mimic + David does what I want better. I can see running Street Peddler over the Casts, but when in doubt I want the money.

29 Aug 2015 esutter479

Too cool, man! This deck might actually compel me to try out MaxX again. :)

29 Aug 2015 Skeletons

I really like the look of this deck! Personally I'd use more Parasites and fewer D4v1ds, but that's me :)

How do you get on without a Levy in there?

29 Aug 2015 McCaber

@Skeletons, I might have to cut a Cloak and the Shard for a Levy and some more MU.

This deck has no problem with the small ICE, so I need those Davids to crack giant sentries.