Deep Green (Street Chess)

Yziel 127

I've been taking versions of this deck to several GNK tournaments now and it has been doing really well! It's never dropped more than a single game in a tournament and doesn't really seem to have any particulary bad matchups.

Your gameplan is going to vary a bit depending on your opponent, in some match ups you may need the D4v1d out turn one, sometimes the Deus X, other times you're free to set up the combo or start parasite cycling.

Mulligan unless you start with Tyson/Deep Red 90% of the time. Ideally you'll have a Self-modifying Code in there too to get you started. This might sound slightly crazy but it's perfectly fine to test run for Self-modifying Code if you're holding Clone Chip.

The combo for those that are not familiar with Street Chess is 1-2 Pawn installed on single ICE centrals and one in your heap and a Scheherazade installed. Every run now gives you up to two cards and two credits every time you run. Card draw from them being installed and credits when you install them on Scheherazade before bouncing them out to new ICE.

The "rig" if you wanna call it that is extremely fluid and it's rare to have even half of it out at the same time.

Parasite is the core and hero of the rig, it might seem strange to only run one but the deck is extremely tight on influence and you can potentially play it 22 times in a game anyways so it's fine.

Remember to have Parasite available with two Datasucker counters if you fear Swordman, he'll kill both Atman and Faust.

I've only found myself installing Faust in half of the games and even then it tends to get scavanged for Parsite or D4v1d but having it is great, you will be overdrawing every turn when you're set up.

Least important deckslots are Daily Casts and Sure Gamble if you feel the need for Plascrete Carapace you should make the cut here and probably go up a modded too, I haven't seen the need so far but if the meta shifts back to sea source it might be neccessary. No Sharpshooter is a meta call, add it back in if you have trouble with destroyers.

30 Aug 2015 Spoonfunk

Nice deck! Street chess has always been one of my favorite archtypes of netrunner! 3 tyson's for 6 pieces of hardware seems a little much doesn't it become kind of a dead card after you pull out your deep red with the amount of draw that you have in the deck?

30 Aug 2015 Yziel

It does but getting the Deep Red out early is kind of important and dead draws isn't really an issue when you're drawing that much, keep in mind that you don't actually draw that much if you don't have deep red and pawns out. I don't think I've ever used Tyson for anything other than Deep Red.

Ideally I'd run three Deep Reds and maybe 1-2 Tysons but the influence is really tight. :3

3 Sep 2015 Ayotte

wouldnt this deck love technical writer?

6 Sep 2015 Yziel

For sure! Future changes include two Modded for two DaVinci and three Daily Casts for three Technical Writer. I'm really looking forward to try both of them out :D