Reina gang member Polish Nationals top16

Wosho 234

Undefeated in swiss.

30 Aug 2015 k1k1

Description plz!

30 Aug 2015 Wosho

Do everything You can to syphon corp money, kill every asset, derez ice etc. Wyldslide gives You options, fuels Faust. Trope is last minute change for levy.

31 Aug 2015 Jashay

Ooh, I really like the look of this one! I haven't played Reina in ages, this might get me back on the wagon.

Data Folding? Seems a little unreliable given the swathe of programs you have... I get that in an ideal world, you'd just be running, say, Faust and Medium, but you've not left yourself a lot of wiggle room there! I feel like a couple of Kati Jones would serve you better.

I never considered Muertos Gang Member in Reina; I must hang my head in shame, because that is a glorious idea. Coupled with Crescentus... Ick! Do you feel it plays better than Emergency Shutdown in the early game?

Why Knifed? Was there a specific Barrier that caused you grief?

And would you consider running Fisk Investment Seminar over the Diesel when it's released?

31 Aug 2015 siowy

I too, am surprised at the data folding. I do realise that reina runs naked/light for longer than usual, but eventually you're going to turn off those data foldings, right? And then is that really worth the payout? Seems like it would be more for funding the trashing of trashables at that point, in which case scrubber might be better.

31 Aug 2015 Wosho

Data folding couse i wanted clickless economy and i have not played with this card so thats a bonus :) I think i never had more then 2 programs installed in tournament so that wasnt a problem. Muertos is AWESOME here, but You need to prepare ground for it, means killing every cheap ice/asset. I played Reina from beggining so i think i played in every possible combination. Most people seeing Reina is acting like against cryminal> Caprise/Crisium on hq plus double ice. So it will be hard to use shutdown. Knifed mostly against wraparound cause before i played only with faust, i added mimic/corroder/d4v1d before tournament. Addidionally vs Eli and next silver. I had been using levy earlier cause there some games on octgn which dragged and i needed to replenish my deck. But before tournament (see a pattern here..) i thought that i can use Trope and save a card (SoT is almost only for levy) and 3 infl. But i have no idea how to spend this 3 infl. So i took diesel which is good in every deck :)

5 Sep 2015 ouroborosglyx

Did you use Trope much? How did you find it?

5 Sep 2015 Wosho

Actually i did not have any long fight which ended in me decking myself. So i installed it one or two times, but there was no neet to use it.