Solidarity v1.7

dtelad11 951

18 Sep 2015 razortoy

@dtelad11 did you not like DaVinci with This deck?

18 Sep 2015 dtelad11

I'm afraid not, for several reasons. One, the MU complicated matters. Two, two influence is a lot for a rather limited economy card. Three, the ability ended up being weak -- oftentimes I would be missing 1-2 counters to get what I actually needed, and there's no way to pay for it in credits. It was a slow, influence-expensive Easy Mark.

Multithreader and Scrubber ended up providing better economy.

19 Sep 2015 razortoy

DaVinci is shaper so the influence should be irrelevant but can definitely see the MU being an issue, although instant speed install of a breaker or program or even plascrete or film critic for free seemed nice, and getting tokens isn't that hard, some archive runs on install turn could be an easy 3. Anyway just seemed decent.

20 Sep 2015 dtelad11

Bah, never answer when tired. Of course the influence is irrelevant. Note that the install is not "for free", you paid a click, a credit, and an MU for it. Given that initial cost (plus the requirements to make runs, and often missing R&DI by a single counter) I decided against it. Of course, your mileage may vary.

6 Nov 2015 voltorocks

With d&d in hand I'm testing this a lot more regularly, and I have to say this is the best solidarity yet!

The splash is dead-on, IMO. Multithreader is crazy for our boy- free SMCs are probably my favorite thing (closely followed by much easier to install atmen) and they make an already strong late game positively oppressive.

I like the list a lot card-for-card, with just a couple weird spots: first is chameleon. Maybe it's just me or my meta, but it never feels good to play this card (the tempo feels weird, even with pw. Without, forget it). Second, surprisingly, is lady. Blue Sun is all but dead around here, which means Inti and Atman cover the popular bases of eli, wrap, icewall, hive and spiderweb quite well. I may keep it in just for fear of the random BS player, but it feels weak right now.

Overall, 10/10, will play again :D

9 Nov 2015 dtelad11

Really happy to hear that you're enjoying the deck! Agreed that Chameleon is rather awful, I think I ended up ditching it for Mimic. Lady is mostly there for Eli 1.0, it is very popular and getting the strength 4 Atman is hard sometimes ... though maybe I should do it more often (it's a better solution than Lady). Would love to hear if you have more updates!

9 Nov 2015 voltorocks

took down our little 8 player GNK last saturday with this list - the only game I lost was due to a critical cy-cy mis-play - need to be much more careful about popping it without scavenge in the list.

Speaking of which , chameleon was almost as dead as predicted; thinking of swapping it for that scavenge. one other thing I might grab would be gordian; the inability to challenge multiple etr codegates with a single install was definitely my biggest hurdle.

Atamn 4 hit the table every game; as predicted though, lady came in handy against a blue sun trying to score out a 5/3 to hit game point. It was basically a poor shaper's d4v1d. If I were desperate for a card slot I might cut inti but ultimately I don't think I need to.

Femme feels like a secret weapon; no one expects you to just straight up pay for one, but I got a lot of work out of blowing stimhack or even ghost runner money for a critical femme at the right moment. Once she's out, multithreader and datasucker work well together to help her be a pretty serviceable sentry breaker as well - 4 credits to break architect ain't so bad if they're recurring :D