Dinner's at Six

desertfox42 9

This might actually be good.

2 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I think you are right.

2 Sep 2015 sruman

Looks solid. A few possible suggestions:

  • Swap out the 3rd of each breaker for more draw. Maybe if you dropped 1 desperado, you could add 3 quality times or 3 street peddlers that would help find the other pieces and cut down the "dead card" craws overall.

  • You only have 3 "full value" targets for career fair, so perhaps switching those out for dirty laundry (which is more value with desperado out and even more with datasucker) would free up more influence.

2 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

@sruman: He's got 6 targets for Career Fair: 3x Daily Casts and 3x Earthrise Hotel. His only "bad" target is Film Critic; Career Fair into a 2 resource is still good enough to use. I would absolutely keep them.

Swapping out the last copy of each breaker for draw is not a bad call, but I don't think it will help his momentum all that much. If anything I'd say get rid of one Medium and both Infiltrations and take 3x Quality Time, but I honestly don't know that it's necessary.

2 Sep 2015 sruman

Sorry, 6 is correct, I saw 6 and wrote 3 for some reason. Personally, still don't like the 6/50 ratio but I can see the point on the 2-costs still being worth something. I also noticed Dirty laundry is already there so that'll teach me not to comment on two different Sunny lists quickly.

Putting together Sunny lists, I'm finding the main issue being influence so anything that can be reasonably substituted for a neutral option has appeal (even career fair for armitage for example).

How are others finding Striker? I was very disappointed myself when playing it. It was significantly more expensive than Zu and usually cost more to break common code gates -- quandary, enigma, tollbooth, etc. You need to get up to Little Engine and Wormhole for things to start looking better. Shrike is no hero, but outside of mimic and stealth breakers, all killers are expensive to use.

3 Sep 2015 desertfox42

@FarCryFromHuman / @sruman: I think the missing piece for me is Street Peddler, actually. What are y'alls thoughts on the following three options?

A. Straight swap Career Fairs for Peddlers. Possibly change the infiltrations to armitages.

B. Ditch a medium and the infiltrations for three peddlers.

C. Ditch a desperado and the infiltrations for three peddlers.

Quick aside on breakers: they're all inferior to other factions' options, but my goal with the deck was to mitigate their weaknesses as much as possible with desperado/sucker/threader since I have extra MU lying around.

3 Sep 2015 sruman

Personally I like C. The peddlers will help you find the desperado (or other things if you have desperado already). You have 3x breakers so peddlers should be fine without recursion.

3 Sep 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I agree, C is the best of the three.

4 Sep 2015 desertfox42

Sweet, yeah I think I agree. Medium is my only win con whereas Desperado is just more money.

Jak becomes slightly worse with fewer Desperados. Maybe swap him for armitages or infiltrations? Both of those seem pretty week, but armitage off peddler's alright, and infiltration is just to counter the silly Mushin decks I've been seeing around.