Bad Pub Econ Denial W/ Custom Card

Tsgstarwars 144

First of all, this is a work in progress and a untested deck.

Second of all, I am additionally planing to be running 3 copies of Corrupted Code, a custom card I made. ( Link: )

Corrupted code came about as the hopes of resurrecting 3 bad/underused cards (At least in my opinion) . Record Reconstructor, Investigative Journalism, and Itinerant Protesters.

I was thinking that a runner card that turned into a operation with a drawback for the Corp would be a great way to revive Record Reconstructor (to put it back on top). From that came a ability that triggered if the corp discards it to make the card take up handsize so they couldn't just toss it into archives. Out of that came the idea of playing Investigative Protestors to reduce their handsize, and the dream was born.

This deck is mainly for my own use, but if anyone wants to help playtest Corrupted Code with me, I would be more than happy for the extra opinions. The cost and ability ratios are largely my own opinions about a guess in the dark, so change ideas, comments, and the like are more than welcome, as are suggestions about the deck itself.

2 Sep 2015 therealwarrior

Corrupted Code/Record Reconstructor seems very strong. Too much, maybe. One click and three creds is really a thing, and you can lock the Corp into a full unrezzed position.

My opinion is that Corrupted Code should remove itself from the game when discarded or played as an Operation. No more recursion, no more possibility of following it in the R&D just because of the different sleeves.

2 Sep 2015 tiedyedvortex

Corrupted Code is not a viable design, for one simple reason: the card back is different (or the card sleeve is). If you put a runner card in the corp's hand, it will be immediately visible. This means that the runner can immediately identify which card is definitely not an agenda. This causes a problem, because HQ accesses are supposed to be random, and the usual "shuffle cards around and pick blind" won't work.

Too bad, though, because I'm really waiting for the day that Record Reconstructor does literally anything.

2 Sep 2015 Tsgstarwars


It seems very possible that if you find all 3 Corrupted Codes and a Reconstructor, you could lock the Corp into a no-win Board-state. However, there would be lots of counters I can think about off the top of my head.

Jackson Howard, Corporate Shuffle, Rework (Rework would actually be amazing against it) to shuffle it back into your deck.

Power Shutdown for 0 kills the Reconstructor

Mills, Restoring Face, Witness Tampering, Clone Retirement, Veterans Program, Rex Campaign, to get rid of the bad pub, and therefore the handsize decrease.

Oversight AI, Bioroid Efficiency Research, Awakening Center, Haarpsichord Studios, Accelerated Beta Test to either not need ice or to rez ice for free (or at least cheap)

Research Station, Cybernetics Court (not out yet), TWIY* for + handsize.

Despite this whole list of cards, maybe 1 or 2 of them would actually work/ not just take up deckspace in other matchups.

I think 3 coins for the corp to get rid of might be a bit much, but it will take playtesting to see. About the only thing convincing me not to bump it down to 2 is the fact that it would be difficult to find all the moving pieces. The problem is that multiple of them and a reconstructor is probably game even without any bad pub hand size shenanigans. The Corrupted codes essentially become a card that says the corp has -1 handsize at that point. I think I like the idea of removing it from the game once it is used up. Will test both ways. (Although that leaves Reconstructor in the dump still.)


The whole point would be that the runner can tell which card it is and chooses not to access it. (Thematically, the runner can tell which part of HQ they've infected and choose to avoid it.) If the Corp doesn't want to get rid of it, that's their choice. Yes, that makes it less random for HQ accesses, but I think that it just makes it the corp's responsibility to get rid of it.

I'm not saying that this would work as an official card, but as a custom made one I believe it works just fine (but might be broken, still).