MaxXimum Cutlery!

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Ninches96 9

Keep up the draw power with Wyldside and MaxX and use it all to pump pressure into R+D with Medium, HQ with Nerve Agent. Then, take a pop at any ice in your way with the cutlery to keep the Corp unprotected

3 Sep 2015 mao

Seems nice but you're gonna end the deck soon, and then? I suggest 1 Levy AR Lab Access.

4 Sep 2015 wedgeex

End the deck? Not anytime soon with 58 cards, playa.

4 Sep 2015 Ninches96

As long as Faust comes out pretty quick, Medium/Nerve Agent usually let me access enough to get my 7 points.

4 Sep 2015 mao

Didn't see the 58 cards! Seems good to me then. It also reflects MaxX style!