Congressional Mandate

gumonshoe 2973

Initial testing of this deck yields a winning record, so I'm sharing. This isn't a test so much as a minor victory. It has a lot in common with @Daine's congress, but this deck is straight out of Hayley. As such, Armitage code busting makes for a better curve than stimhack and makes up for the lack of Kate credits. Also, as a resource it raises the chances of Hayley double installing resources in the early game. This also plays nicely into getting that film critic down without diverging from your economic set up.

Otherwise, the main components are there: Career Fair, Draw Package, Modded, 3x RDI. Since we're Hayley we need toolbox to turn on underworld. That means that they might be a bit more delayed in coming up, which is another reason for running Modded and Armitage.

Without stimhack, we're not going to play study guide. It's too risky with the amount of program hate, imo, anyways. Gordian is cheap enough to SMC and easier to get through big stuff with right off the bat. With the potential of a slower econ it's important to have a breaker that's more efficient in the early game. This is also the reason for Corrder. Unfortunatley femme is our best option for sentry breaker. Don't want to spend influence or mem on mimic which needs support, and the bypasss on tollboth or other big ice is valuable.

Titan, NBN, and RP are both great targets for this deck. Against Weyland you have to play the money game to avoid scorch, you can stop midseasons with critic so calculating for SEA is the main threat, along with making sure posted bounties don't float through. Remote locking is what you're good at, but multipe archers may be a pain. They may be valid IMP targets if seen in HQ or R&D. Against HB, you'll need to be smart about imp counters and overrunning servers and whether you think they'll biotic at the end for their final point.

And that's pretty much it. Your early game is probably going to be the roughest part, you can still surprise femme and no one expects corroder these days out of shaper. But, assembling multiple breakers quickly usually requires dedicating to draw. The great thing about overdrawing with this deck is that you often can modded or career fair afterwards and get 3 of your draw cards down immediately. It means there are rarely end of turn decisions to discard something you might want.

Aside; Also worth noting I built this having played against @Daine during regionals season and known about the deck, but without actually looking at his decklist. It was in mind, but I didn't mean to get this close to it. So I think the general concept is a good one that anyone can really come to. I have a history of playing this resource package in different factions, so I think this is just what the shaper version of it looks like. You don't have as much room for cy-cy's and whatnot, so you go back to the core breakers and use those.

10 Sep 2015 Daine

Looks great. I like what you're doing with the archetype.

I've been seeing lots of butchershop and have thus added plascretes back in to mine. Is your meta not full of scorches? Or is imp enough to handle them?

16 Oct 2015 gumonshoe

Locally we didn't have scorches; This is changing