It Hungers, It Feeds 1.0

Sabin76 34

Apex hungers. Apex feeds. Nothing is safe. Everything is prey.

The "Rig":

Essentially, I wanted take what Apex was and build to that first. Apex finds data, and feeds on it. I took a different tack with this build than I saw with most others: Instead of building around his inherent weakness to Destroyers with Mimic or Sharpshooter, I decided to just blow that crap out of the water with Parasucker. It fits thematically, and along with Prey and Kraken it should keep the corp board very light on ICE. On the other hand, I couldn't seem to find a reason to NOT including e3 Feedback Implants. I'm just hoping 1 Levy AR Lab Access and 2 Déjà Vus are enough to reliably reset after everything goes to hell.


3x Wasteland with all the trashing going on seemed like a solid deal. Cache and Ghost Runner give me credits to use, and then even more credits when I feed them to sate my Hunger. Harbinger and Hunting Grounds also provide Wasteland fodder, and Parasite might as well, though I kind of doubt that one... at least Clone Chipping it back will count. Some Sure Gambles round it out to make sure I'm never wanting for .

Card Draw:

This is a weakness that just couldn't be left alone. Apex needs food, and most of it will come from his stack. Alas, reliable draw was just not in the.... cards... for Apex. In the end, I settled for some Quality Time with a couple Brain Cages to make sure I could hold it all.

Final Notes:

I've thought about going over 45, as Apex could certainly make use of dead draws like few other IDs can. The problem is that the deck already seems rather unreliable with only 3 Icebreakers and no tutors. As of this writing, this deck is completely untested. Most I've done is gone through about 20 starting hands and a few hypothetical turns in on meteor. So far, I haven't been too disappointed... :/