Post-Muertos Apocalypse

anr_marsellus 1334

Derived from this:

Built the predecessor together with @JonathanJones and tested it a little. First version did not work too well. Clone Chips desperately needed, 2 Mediums were too much. Also Fall Guys were terrible. Changed those for Fisk Investment Seminar, was awesome. Not only has Fisk Investment Seminar great synergy with Medium (all the new cards you see...), but also puts weird pressure on the Corp.

Disposable breakers work very very fine, Overmind only for Emergency. Apocalypse is just awesome.

26 Sep 2015 (A)Joke

I'm going to try this with -3 Forger and +3 Desperado because i love too much that card.

26 Sep 2015 anr_marsellus

I would not advise that. You don't run so much, so Desperado does not give you as much mileage. Plus you definitely need the link for the cloud effect for your breaker suite. Forger is better in this deck.