Reading (UK) Random ID Jank Tournament, 3rd Place

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Cliquil 362

This tournament was a random ID tournament but with the emphasis being on “creative” cough janky cough builds. This meant that there were two ways to get points. The first way to score points was the classic way – winning games. Each player could also vote for one runner deck and one corporation deck after round 4 with each vote counting for half a point towards an eventual score total.

Noise is obviously a challenge; what do you do with him that makes him different to the awesome Noise decks out there? The standard Cache/Aesops/Faust/Wylside/Chronotype is super effective and not at all unusual so I had to ditch as much of that as possible.

I knew that I wanted to base it around making Noise effectively a Val Blackmail deck. In my early building I did this using Activist Support,Qianju PT & Adjusted Chronotype. This made my early decks heavily combo based, needing Paige Piper to help clear things out. This was beautiful jank to me to be sure, largely because as you built it people tend to see the bike first and it isn’t until all the pieces are in place that the bad pub sticks. It did have the advantage that you could give the bad pub entirely off your own back.

The problem is it was a lot of combo pieces so when Old Hollywood brought me Fan Site I swapped in Fan Site and Frame Job and took out all three pieces freeing up three cards. I played around with making a no virus Noise deck but unfortunately I found dealing with fast advance without either constant pressure or Clot to be nigh on impossible. I also thought that the second I was planning to install Clot, then use Record Reconstructor to, as a gentleman, run archives to put the milled card back on R&D, was the second I had gone truly mad.

From there it was time to stick down viruses to put more into archives, cards that helped me expose so as to not waste blackmail, then lots of recursion. I also found, very late on, that Raymond Flint combined very well as he allowed me to access from HQ when I gave them bad pub, and he could be prepped for later use.

Oh right… the Unregisted S&W 35s. Well, just in case I see a Caprice the play can be, ideally, Amped Up, for 2 extra clicks Same Old Thing/Deja Vu Black Mail HQ Shoot Caprice Same Old Thing/Deja Vu Blackmail Remote. Really, I couldn’t be dealing with Psi games on this day.

The deck won twice on the day, with my third place largely coming from people liking my decks. I have had some fun with it online as well, and I think Fan Site/Frame Job/Blackmail is a 9 card combo that might be portable into something proper. Not sure I'm the person to pull it off but there we are!

6 Sep 2015 FragSpider

Also was amusing to play against. Certainly loved the fact you slightly made my randomised Corp ID work (coughCerebralImagingiscrapcough) just by the fact I was holding onto everything in my hand! That Valencia-styled theme was just so unexpected, and I loved how it played.

Kudos for that creativity!